Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


With all my resources I have provided for the temple of my God—gold for the gold work, silver for the silver, bronze for the bronze, iron for the iron and wood for the wood, as well as onyx for the settings, turquoise, stones of variouscolors, and all kinds of fine stone and marble—all of these in large quantities.1 Chronicles 29:2

Needing a lot of coffee this A.M, one bed wetting, incident, two bad dreams, ugh so tired! Praying for strength!
It's no secret I LOVE turquoise, it's been one of my favorite colors, jewelry since I was a little girl. I remember while going to school a boy told me, "Shirley I know why you wear Turquoise, because your Indian!" Sorry, wrong it's just because I love the texture, and color. I remember my first piece of turquoise I bought was in Yosemite, during Indian Days. A vender had this ring, I fell hard for, I begged my dad for $10. I still have that ring
Whenever I'm at a swap meet I look for loose stones, that I can string myself
Paired with white soo gorgeous 

 I'll take one of these please!

 My friend gave me the link to this chandelier, I'm going to start one with driftwood and metal, with turquoise can't wait!
 We have this color the little girls love it
 The chandelier that inspired the shape of my Driftwood ones
Ohh lala, I adore aged turquoise anything!
 OK I've had my turquoise fill this morning, now on with my day, super crazy Tuesday here we come!! Forgot to mention John and I are doing a week of vegetables, and fruit, I'm throwing in boiled eggs, since I need my protein! But nothing else. Oh wait something else, I still eat my oatmeal in the morning. This is day three I feel great, it's soo good to give your body a break from meat, heavy carbs. Have a blessed day Shirley


  1. JUST painted my toes in turquoise! :)

  2. Oh so it's not just me?? Haha, a friend after my own heart!! Love ya

    1. Shirley, I think we really are the same person....from the sleepless night and exhaustion today to the beautiful turquoise. I can't wait to see your turquoise and driftwood creation you talented lady!


  3. I am so excited about your turquoise and driftwood chandelier project. Can't wait to see it - I'm sure it will be gorgeous, as is all your other work :)