Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Real love

I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content. —Philippians 4:11

When do I feel love? Every day, not just Valentine's Day, I'm not a Valentine scrooge, I just know that it's important to "show" love daily.  John and I met up at a local cafe with Coco, to sit and enjoy each other. He was on the clock though, so not terribly romantic, he walked outside to take calls, sold his Coconut Water into the cafe, but honestly that's what I find attractive, my man working, providing for his family!! I love you John 
 The three sweetest little girls! Comparing, googling over their Valentines, all the while completely enticing poor little Chloe! I had a client over and we laughed because Chloe would run passed us super fast, we both could see that her mouth and hands were full of candy!!
Since the house showed twice, we had to kill two hours, so In-N-Out, at the park it was!
Coco took her nappy there
All refreshed!
The washing machine repair guy just left, my machine wouldn't drain properly! Thank God it was all covered by our warranty, my little ankle socks were clogging the machine. I'm not lieing one day without a machine just doesn't work for us! I'm now four loads behind. Oh forgot to mention that I started getting super achy last night, the FLU! Not feeling so hot now, achy, tired and stomach hurting! Toddlers and the flu don't mix! So my sweet friend is going to pick her up for me so I can rest! Sooo thankful, Shirley

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