Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All Better!

For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. Psalms 30:5

Poor Chloe this was the scene around here yesterday. Chloe kept John and I awake literally the whole night, with a high fever, and growing pains! We both took turns massaging her feet and hands. Finally I had enough and took her downstairs for a bowl of cereal and a cartoon to get her mind off of her struggles! So I took the day off from daily chores and just held my baby, awe I loved it. 
 The day went by slow, which is unusual I feel like I wake then rush through the day till bed. But God slowed it all down. The house was so quiet, still, then John went to get the kids from school, I loved watching them come through the door one by one, all with great concern for their baby sister. Sadie cuudled, babied, her, she begged me to stay home today to care for Chloe but thank God my baby slept all night, and is a new little girl this morning!!!

I didn't blog yesterday so just to catch up on the weekend, we had a nice chill weekend, did I just use the word chill?? John and Sage influence! 
Bub's and his friends playing Apples to Apples in the garage.
Sage loves to take the camera and who knows what I'll find
Oh yeah I took the kids to breakfast downtown Saturday, the Farmers Market was near so we stocked up on produce!
Sunday after church the house was showing so we took the little girls to the mall. I was on the hunt for some new jeans and a few cute dresses, daddy kindly took the girls to the Hello Kitty Store! Bad mistake, they swindled him into all kinds of junk!!!! Not if momma was there!

I love the scripture there may be tears in the night but joy comes in the morning, that's how it feels here! Praise God, Shirley

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  1. Shirley-- could you do a style post? You always look amazing. AND your kids do too--inspiring girls!