Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Graduation/Yosemite/June Lake

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens: Ecclesiastes 3

Well, well, well....It's been awhile! Want to catch up to what's been going lately. Little John graduated high school, which was super emotional for me, the last three months I did not feel like myself at all. Anything could make me cry, I now realize it was me grieving life's changes. You give birth to a child and the day's, nights feel endless, feeding, changing, playing, nurturing, then one day, oh hey I'm all grown up! How does it happen?? I squeezed Sadie, and Chloe super tight the other night and thanked them for letting me do it all over again. I love being a mother, I give my kids 100% of me. I'm always on stand by for a hug, a talk, a snack, a ride you name I'm here. This has given John the chance to go far in his career, because of the fact that..I'm here, I choose to be. There are a few times that I feel like jeez, I've given them all of me, what about me?? But then those thoughts quickly get chased away because I 'm needed, a mother is truly NEEDED! Johns the pillar behind it all, making sure we are all cared for that we have everything we need, and want.

 Wheezy opening gifts
 Daddy and Jim
 My in-laws come down for the graduation, it was great having their support
 Esther Auntie misses you sooooooo much
 Aunties boy!!!


 Papa John and Cindy
 Family is everything
 My uncle Merve gifted this Eagle Feather for John's graduation, my sweet cousin Carmen beaded it for him so blessed
 So summer is in full swing, the little girls went back with my parents right after school got out, and I was going got rest and organize, but..my brother Johnny and his wife and my beautiful niece, and nephew needed to stay with us for 4 days while they wrapped up their lives in San Diego, on their adventure to Spokane Washington to pursue buying a home, also a job transfer. This was another reason I was so emotional lately. I love them so much and can't imagine those sweet babies not being  10 minutes away. But life goes on and wounds heal, Um I'm lying just typing this has made me cry!
Johnny and family leaving

OK so where was I...Oh summer I went to Bishop to join the little girls, John stayed behind, we had a fabulous time all four kids and I in Bishop.

 I live for spontaneous adventures, no expectations =- no disappointments

 Sage asked Lil John to take a picture of us and this is what we get!
 The Merced River I used to jump off this bridge but with the horrible drought we are experiencing the level was so low we couldn't jump in.

The Merced River, I love the river so much Sage's middle name is Merced. The water is ice cold, but so refreshing.
Papa thee best! Just him and I took the kids to Yosemite for Fathers Day, so special. My dad is so positive, sweet, always up for anything. He's the guy you want to take on a trip. Especially to Yosemite, this is where our people are from, we ran into a bunch of our relatives while there, so neat to see family amongst thousands of tourists.

 Half Dome
 Short trip but so memorable.

 My babies

 My first cousin Terry and his girlfriend,  randomly ran into him at the falls. (Gods timing)

 Second day at the river

 Our tradition to stop before we leave at El Captain to watch the climbers
 People asking to check out the climbers in our scope
 We always take this shot while there

 This kid just came up and started educating the kids about the routes the climbers take, look at Sadie Thinking of her next question...she was asking the best questions.
 Then on our way out of the Valley we stopped to look at a huge brown bear grazing
 The sierra wave!
 Back to Bishop for a day then onto June Lake for another adventure

 My auntie Becky and three of her kids plus grand babies came for a visit, it was so great to visit with them.
 The twins and Coco
These two have always been close
 Michelle, Sage, and John... cousins
 My cousin Michele and baby Violet a twin.
 Bubba and Coco
 Cliff diving

Auntie Nettie love her as my second momma, she spoils the girls and I with jewelry
 All right that was a lot to share but since it has been awhile, there you go! I have thousands of more pictures, but I think that's enough for now. I'll try to be better and share more, because life is speeding by! Love you all, Shirley 

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