Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jim/Luke birthday

Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You. —Psalm 56:3

Jim's birthday He's not only a amazing brother but he is one of my best friends. We have been working on a few projects together around my house, all new interior doors, he's a master! And two sets of french doors. 
Momma and Jens came down for Jim/Luke's birthdays so much fun 
We went on a birthday hike on La Jolla 
Then a few days later it was this guys birthday! Luke turned 3! It's clearly all about "Cars" at the moment, he was kinda upset to see a cool race car with frosting on them! 

Johnny and Rach with their boy! They make such cute babies!
Here's sister! Esther oh Indian Princess she is such a joy!

Being a auntie is amazing!
Our buddy James who's a pilot flew in for the day, it was his birthday as well! So birthdays all around!
Can you spot Chloe with her fake pink glasses on?
Sadie received a award for academic achievement so proud
It's beach volleyball season time love it! Sage killing it 
Noel her coach to the left she's such inspiration to the girls love her
 Sadie did a report on Sacajawea she knocked it out of the park. I received a email from her teacher saying how many parents commented on her.
I honestly see a resemblance, a boy in her class asked her is that your momma? I told her to go with it:))
Next up John and I took the girls to Santa Barbara for the weekend to meet up with our buds

Life friends, Chloe, Romen, Kristen, Sadie
Cruz and Bianca, these two are such a blast to be around so full of joy, and humor. My cheeks always hurt from laughing so much with them. Thanks for your friendship, love you both

While in Santa Monica I spotted Bill Rancid running by, John asked for a quick picture
These two silly kids
Lots going on around here, we had the bottom section concreted, and a fire pit added. It's a snowball then we decided we needed to get rid of the big 1970 bay window in our room, while we have Jim down we bought a french door quickly and he installed it so beautifully! Awe love waking up to the view it's like our own private outdoor space.

Chloe the Black Swan
The upstairs french door lots of hard work on this door the special order door that was suppose to come in while Jim was down didn't! So we bought a standard french door from Home-Depot it was white with grids in it. Jim grinder the grids out and we painted it, also made it become a out swing! Phew lots of work 
I had to take a 24 hour trip to Bishop for a Tribal Meeting, I landed at 3:30 in Mammoth the meeting was at 4!! So nervous and rushed! Then caught a 2 o'clock out love that I can fly home on a whim when needed! 
 Seeing the Sierras wow what a sight so magnificent
 Back to reality my boy and I had to do lots of clean up from the work being done, off to the dump,
 A stupid nail got his back, made me so sad!
Ok gotta run, have a client coming then teacher conference, hoping to squeeze in a workout, these days fly past! Love you all Shirley

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