Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


God is faithful. —1 Corinthians 10:13
Family, family, family….Is thee most important thing! 
I'm back after a long break from blogging, I know I say it a lot on the blog, but seriously time is speeding up, I feel like there just aren't enough hours ever! We've been good, a lot has happened since I've blogged, Sage is now homeschooling again, since volleyball season is over, and she just does better at home, she loves learning her way at her own speed. Little John has applied to a few colleges, and as of typing he has two acceptance letters!! One to Alabama, and the other West Virginia. We are going to visit the different campuses so he can make a good decision. Exciting and sad at the same time. It's the little things like folding his clothes, or our family dinners every night, or our good night hugs and kisses. Knowing he won't be here next year. God will get me through
 After church on Sunday's we were going out to a new restaurant, but now we decided to take the kids on a hike we all love this time together. This picture of us was in Bishop, we spent Thanksgiving there so much fun, lots of hikes, bingo night with our huge extended family, really was a great relaxing time.
My brother training Sage
 Jenny was ready for change!! Hair cut= New women she loves it
 All us girls missing my sis-n-law Rachel and Essy

Bingo night at my parents is tradition, huge pots of money! LOL so much fun, many laughs. 
 The girls at Papa's and Grandmas 
 While we were in the car saying goodbye,
 God has made me a blessed women to have such wonderful, kind, loving people in my life.
Uncle Ted, and my momma 
Took Sadie and Chloe shopping Sadie grew out of everything in the last few months, so both girls benefited 
Aunties boy, love our Luke 
Don't want to forget to blog about my beauty turning 15!!! 
John and I finally stained the doors, a few weekends ago, At first I thought I hated the color but gave it a day and now I love them. 
 John is so great at almost everything, he took his time adding white, turquoise it caused a amazing believable aged look.

  John and I have had to make a few trips to Bishop recently. Our renters moved out and the whole place needed to be re gutted, new everything, floors, paint, light fixtures, even light sockets, everything was filthy! It took us 4 days of solid work to get it back in top shape, we were proud of the work we did it truly looked brand new. If you look closely on the floor those are pet stains!!! 
Nothing like serious elbow greece I scrubbed till my hands ached 
Awe white paint, new carpet new blinds
Here's another quick little project I was dropping off things at the thrift store and found this outside, bought it for $5
 Spent $20 at Joann's and made this cute ottoman
Back home now, finally made the girls the tire swing I've promised them very cheap project called a tire place, they had a free tire waiting for me.
We are taking the kids to Kauai next week, so excited this will be our first vacation in 6 years!! Like a real vacation, with no cooking, cleaning, pure relaxation!! Can't wait, so off I go to hit the treadmill.. Love you all Shirley 

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