Our Family

Our Family

Friday, September 26, 2014

Life lately

Let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them. —Psalm 5:11
Sage and Erin went to Homecoming this year, Sage had a volleyball tourney the morning of, so she was pressed for time when we got home to get ready. Poor thing a guy jumped on her big toe at the dance, and made her nail pop off! Just wasn't her day…
The little girls adore their big sister and love watching her get ready, they imagine themselves one day going to dances, putting on beautiful dresses. But for now all three of us just watch in envy, all in our jammies. I was wearing my robe in the car to drop them off, made me feel so old and frumpy! 

 We accidentally left Fritz outside, and when we returned Sadie was saying how pretty our house is getting, so we all were admiring it while pulling up, then on the porch we notice a beautiful, majestic dog sitting there waiting for his family to return, such a good boy!
 I got the pleasure of going with Sadie on her first field trip to a art gallery, loved seeing her in her element, this girl has been such a blessing. so sweet, smart. funny.

Love this quote sooo x1000 true. Sent it right away to Little John and Sage 

Love Brooke Burke's new kitchen design. 

We had zero back support in the house only benches and stools, so lots of slouching going on. Sick of it I went out and bought two end chairs for the dinning table and two stools for island, also a comfy, linen high back stool for the computer. 

 Progress on the house we had the front porch water proofed with a life deck coat. First phase
 Final, I'm getting ready to go outside and paint the railings hopefully this weekend they will get put up. We had a guy fabricate metal railings, their beautiful, also tired of the risk of someone falling off the deck!
Sadie started volleyball last week, but after her first practice she decided it's not her thing at the moment. She was pretty bad, BUT she has never played before, she said after a year of practice then she'll re-join the team.
 I'm so blessed to have one of thee sweetest, loving aunties Nettie, I love you and respect you so much, thanks for the flowers just to brighten my day, your so loved,
Ok time to get with it, things have been so busy around here, lots going on. Talk soon, Shirley

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