Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Garden beds

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4Garden Beds

Talk about labor! Phew whole new level of respect for those who work with their hands. Whether it be gardeners, construction.Our back yard has no access So everything must be taken down stairs. 
John is the sprinkler king, he can dig, and glue pipe faster than anyone I know. He rerouted, and put in a sparkler head for each bed. 
Then since we couldn't of just filled the bed of his truck with soil we had to buy bags which was expensive. I tried to keep cost down on this project since we are doing major renovations to the front of the house. 

fritz, we were worried he would destroy the bed since he's still a puppy and very naughty at times, only once did he dig a few plants up, but nothing since.
Planning it all out
My best friend
Cant beat traders basil 

Turned into a family affair……after all hard work was done

With the kids home all day I truly don't have a second to myself, someones always hungry, needs a ride, play dates, not to mention all the craziness with construction crews everyday for the last three weeks! I'll share pictures soon, such a amazing transformation. Mornings are calm for a bit….
Hope your all enjoying summer, Love Shirley

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  1. Wow your plant beds look AWESOME!! Fresh basil is the gift that keeps giving.