Our Family

Our Family

Friday, November 8, 2013

Santa Monica day trip

It is more blessed to give than to receive. —Acts 20:35

Rachel and I took the girls to Santa Monica to meet up with our buds. Lynda and I vowed to keep the kids close, after we moved, so we make frequent trips to make it happen! 
Sage and her baby sister
 Gracie, Chloe and Sadie these three are like sisters according to Sadie! She told me on the way home, "mom it's like me pulling you away from Auntie Rachel, would you like that???? " No Sadie I would not!
 All the girls love them so much, they all have such good hearts
 Haha Rachel took this picture, she said one day it will us wondering around a swap meet!
 Lynda and our girls
 Sage and Hanna, ugh still hard to leave their bond is so strong

 Beautiful California girls
 Coco and momma
 Rachel thanks for always being up to just about anything!
Make Micky happy! by greasing his hand!!!!
 Sisters love these two like my own
 Sage and auntie got into a competitive thumb war
 Grace and Sadie

 Under the pier

 Took Chloe about an hour to get enough courage to jump!

 Till next time love you girls
 Lynda getting down! All for Rachel's entertainment!
 My babe growing way too fast
Hope all is well, John and I have been doing lots of home improvement's around here planting trees, finishing up kitchen, I promise to do a house post very soon!

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