Our Family

Our Family

Monday, May 20, 2013

Going Home

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. James 4:14

Returned from Bishop late last night. My cousin passed away, only 42, leaving behind 5 children, two step children, and her husband. Genyne was one of the liveliest, funny, loving, person I know. She lived out her faith daily, making it known to whoever crossed her path. We grew up next door to each other, she was like a big sister, always protecting, teaching us Hess kids. Hearing of her passing, felt like a stab in the heart. We all grieved as a family, each day is a little harder than the last realizing she's gone from this earth. But......let me be clear we know where Genyne is, she's with her saviour, her first love, Jesus. That was her goal from the beginning she ran the race. I have hope that one day I'll see my cousin again. 
All my sibling where able to make the service, we rode the shuttle to the graveside
Rachel and I 
 Jim, Mom, and Dad
 Sadie and her cousin Naomi
 Bethany (Genyne's daughter) we love Beth, every time were in town she comes walking up my parents long driveway with her two little cousins waiting anxiously for her. Spitting image of her momma
 (Emma and Awahnee) Rachel and I are the same age as these two, we literally all grew up as sisters, I love them like no other, be prepared to be annoyed by us, we've spend our childhood with one another, so get us in a room, and sorry we can barley contain ourselves with our inside jokes, laughter. Wish Rach was in this shot!
 So from here on out Chloe took my camera after the funeral and took such amazing shots!
Brandon and John
 Cousin Naomi
 Mom, Rachel, Sage, Naomi
 Rachel and Luke

 Daddy and me
 Raquel and Feather
 Theresa and J.R
 Raquel and Stan
 Genyne's first grandchild, who she absolutely adored, Bubba
 The Photographer her self, Coco
Had such a blessed time with my family

All my family members made it into town to attend the service. We got to visit with our grandma
 Uncle Jim and the two babies

 On our way to church, nothing like a good ol Pentecostal church service! Wow God was moving so powerfully. Even though there is tremendous sadness over our loss, there is also great joy knowing Genyne is in Heaven, where there are no more tears, pain, heartache, but everlasting peace, joy unspeakable!
 The "Hess", Slee, girls
 Auntie Rachel went on our journey, love having her around such a wonderful aunt, sister
 City girls going back to their roots!
 These two had a fun time, they also love going "home"
 Luke was there, and mauled the entire time by us all, he learned to wag his finger at us, "No, no go away" is what he was telling us! But when we were leaving, he wanted in!
 Thanks Dad and mom, for your love, opening our family home like no other I've ever seen. You both live out your testimonies daily.

 Some quick cousin time, Left to right, Jenny, Rachel, Awahnee, me, Chippy, Emma. Love you all so much
 My awesome auntie, Love all my aunties like second mommas,
 Beautiful Sage she just shines in Bishop surrounded by her family
 Bye Babs (Luke hippo sister), love you
 As you can see I'm a blessed girl. Shirley


  1. I am so happy your back to blogging. I've missed your posts! However I am sorry it is a sad post. A lot of love in these pictures.

  2. I am so sorry about your loss. Sadly it seems that you have had a couple of lives end at such an early age in your family. Thoughts and prayers ~Audra

  3. Shirley, your faith is beautiful, and a wonderful gift to share in your sadness. Christ works miracles through our pain when we're open to His hope! I will pray for your family.