Our Family

Our Family

Friday, March 29, 2013


It is finished! —John 19:30
Last night (Passover) what a powerful, meaningful, event. I attended a Maundy church service. From the moment I entered the church, I quietly wept. His spirit was so present, I literally felt it. What a beautiful service. After I was touched for over an hour still weeping. It's good to remember how He suffered, was beaten, crucified for us. Whether you believe or not, a man laying down his life for another is something to admire. I'm not sure I could do the same.  Today marks the day that Jesus is humiliated, forced to carry his own cross, to his death. What a dark day that was for many. Just think the people who actually were healed, set free form chains, for the first time in many's lives they had hope, joy, peace, all from a man named Jesus. Watching Him, a humble, loving Savior being tortured, abused, then killed. But there was hope!! On the third day he appeared to them.. Telling them to go and spread the news. And here we are today 2,000 years later, still spreading then good news! Jesus Lives!

Grandma Cindy, John's mom came for a visit. What a blessing that was, the kids were happy to spend time with Grandma.
 Sage and Grandma making granola together
 Cindy makes such tasty food!
 Grandma spoiled the kids!
 Chloe said, "mom I'm going to be a baker someday, but I want to be a mom as well, how can I do both!" So cute she's only 4 and already the problem many of us mommies face! I told her well if you live by momma and dad, we'll help you when you work with the kids! LOL
 Chloe and her loot from Grandma
 Sadie's just taking off with her art skills, have to tell about what she's been up to. For Christmas I gave her a devotion book. Well thee last four days completely on her she's made it a point to listen to her favorite worship song, then read her devotion, then getting on her little knees before God, and praying. So proud of my Sadie, I told the older kids take note.....
Hours of fun
Nice sunny day at the village fountain
Have a great day, I have soo many craigslist deals going on! Selling excess. Love you all Shirley

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