Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 21, 2013


In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. —Proverbs 3:6

It's been awhile! Life just seems to be flying by, funny thing is since I've moved, I no longer have clients, or many play-dates,  but seem to have barely enough time to sit during the day. I'm finding the older my kids get the busier I am. Not just physical things, like driving them to all over the county, but mentally as well, helping them on their journey. Phew it's a lot of work, I have to constantly check in with them, see how their doing.
 Luke is such a blessing to our family, the kids all light up around him, so fun watching him develop from baby to toddler. 
Jim's working closer to us now, so we get to see him on the weekends, you know how Joseph was his fathers favorite, well I can admit that Jim is our family's Joseph he's much loved! 
Having two batches of kids 6 years apart, I really can grasp how fast they grow up, so this time around, I'm really slowing down, making sure I'm not rushing it! So we take long neighborhood walks, Sadie makes sure they both have their journals to capture what they see along the way. 
 Daddy is so patient with his kids, most times I'm cleaning, cooking, and they'll ask mom make this or that with me, this is when it's great to have dad he'll sit and make, build, bake, he's great, Hey that rhymes...
 I didn't blog about Bub's 16th birthday, well we had a simple day then a nice dinner, Marie came into town to help Bubba celebrate.

 WE surprised Sage while she was at Beach Volleyball. Marie and Sage have a sisterly bond.
 These two dated for awhile, and now are friends, God knows the future for them.
 "Little Lukey he's a cutie, from his head down to his feet." A song my momma made for him.
 What most day's look like in my house
 Valentine preparations
 Chloe savoring her Valentine cupcake
Little girls and I made a trip to see my grandmother who now lives in Bishop, at a retirement home. The move was the right one for her, she is enjoying her new home tremendously.
 Love staying at my parents house, such comfort, love, peace there.
 Papa and his girls, while my momma and I would sit and talk in the house, this is the sight we'd see passing by, either a quad or tractor ride.
 We got up to the mountains, Sadie started a "Big Foot Club" at her school, it's now up to 8 members!! They find clues about Big Foot, so Papa wanted to take her to the mountains for more clues!!
That's me up high in a tree, my dad and I built a tree swing for the girls
 It was a hit....
 We loved our time home, Brenda and I spent time together, and talked so nice to catch up.  Big kids had to stay because of work, volleyball.
 Hope your all doing well, please say a pray for us, big decisions that need to be made and God's grace in it all. I'm going to try to blog more, just seriously not enough time to do it all! Shirley

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