Our Family

Our Family

Monday, February 4, 2013

Beach shots

The earth is the LORD'S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. Psalms 24

 The girls and I did a quick turnaround trip to Cam, for Sage's ortho appointment. Got to see a lot of friends I didn't get to see last trip:) Had a hair client in the hotel, wish I had some pictures, rinsing her in the tub, using the trash bag for a hair cap! Priceless. I soooo miss my buds there, I haven't hung out with real live girlfriends in awhile, last week I did get to escape for a late dinner with a friend from San Diego, that was nice. After having many, many conversations with children, it takes awhile to get my mojo back! I meet up with Teresa she blessed me with the disc of shots we took in October, love them!!
After 17 years were still going strong, thank God, we defiantly have our moments but know that we are both committed to each other and our family. Love this man
 And as I stated before since I was a little girl I knew this was all I wanted, Thank you God for my four
 If I could say that if there was a perfect child, this one truly comes close. Not choosing favorites because I love all my children equally. Sadie just enjoys life, Period, she lights up from within, rarely does she get down.
 So fun watching Sage grow into women hood, her and I can talk about everything, she stands by her Christianity, and doesn't back down in this perverse world, I'm very proud of her.
 Bubba my little prince. God blessed me with only one son, he is becoming so responsible he'll be 16 in two day's :) I'm happy, then I'm sad, next month there will be far fewer times, that momma gets her time alone with him in the car... Life is short

 Chloe my side kick, she is my shadow. All my other children played pretty well on their own.. Not Coco she thinks I'm her BFF, (when Saides not home), and I'm obligated to play every game, go down every slide, play babies till I'm DONE. I'm completely devoted because I know this comming September she'll be off to Kindergarden:( Even though at times I count down the day's, I know the house will feel empty in the morning without my little buddy.

Rachel and I

We all looked forward to the Super Bowl last night but.... The half time show?? Come on when did a black leather corset, and nasty moves become, family entertainment? I really was disgusted, and usually try to hold my opinions to my self, but I was really disturbed by her halftime show. I hope the organization wises up, hopefully next year there is a more tasteful show, if people want to see that crap they can tune into MTV! Hope your all doing well, Shirley

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