Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 3, 2012

Filled up

  Thou hast made known to me the ways of life; thou shalt make me full of joy with thy countenance. Acts:2:28

Our super quick trip to Camarillo, felt like a week! God slowed the time down and we all felt at peace. We got there Friday night, and left Saturday evening. John rented a suite for us, Sage had her four friends spend the night, so in total 8 girls in the room! They had  alot of fun, swimming, laughing, catching up. Little John went to his buds house and was surrounded by all his friends, I can't tell you how much John and Sage needed this. I call it being filled up, meaning, they both have kinda felt empty, since we moved, being the new kids, and all, is hard. So coming "home" they felt so loved, wanted, and happy. As a momma, I couldn't ask for anything more, I heard someone say, Your only as happy as your saddest kid" 100% true! 
We surprised Kristen at school, Sadie's BFF, Kristen was surprised she jumped up ran t Sadie, and let out this groan, that nearly broke my heart, you could feel these two's love for each other! Bianca and I call them the twinzy. 
 Doing our pick up rounds
 The Hotel slumber party
 Walking to Sushi, I had to grab this shot

 We've been coming to this joint for a while now, and have come to know the owner, the little girls think he's a rock star! He signed Sadie's year book, so they all brought him napkins to sign.
 Chloe name in Korean

 I stopped at my friend Julianna's house to see her and her adorable new baby Karis, I feel in love, she is the prettiest little girl, she looks like her beautiful momma. Julianna and her hubby Dan, did K's room so adorable, they made the head board, the mobile.

 Dan with the kids
 Julianna and her girl
 Sorry Bub time to go! Seeing 15 year old's, hug, saying I'll miss you, don't go. You realize friendships like these don't come often! So I'm committed to keeping these relationships going Strong.
 Grace and Hanna have been more like sisters than friends to mine! It's always so hard saying goodbye.
 Last stop my favorite pizza place D'mories. Marie joined us for one last goodbye
 Now that were home, John and I are tackling Sage head/foot board, this ones a big project!

Alright time to get a workout in, I cleaned the house, did laundry, and played pre-school, with Chloe! Love you all, Shirley

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    I am sure you were super busy... looked like lots of fun! Love you all!