Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Change of plans

In [Christ] we have boldness and access with confidence through faith in Him. —Ephesians 3:12

Good morning, it's ben a little crazy over here lately, feels like I kinda should put my bed in the car, and a coffee maker! 
Sadie's in Karate
Sage is doing Volleyball
Little John Football
Chloe Ballet/ pre-school
We have two new members of the Slee household, Chloe and Sadie have been begging, pleading, watching youtube tutorials, on Happy Nappers, I found a great deal on Amazon. They came in yesterday, I'm sure the neighbors got worried for us, the girls screamed so loud, they couldn't wait to hold their new pets)!
 I've been feeling like I have not caught up on my sleep, so today I have nothing on the books:) So I told Chloe guess what tomorrow we are going to relax, watch movies, go to the park, have fun!Soo I'm laying in bed and I get a nudge on my arm at 5A.M, Little John is standing there with the phone to his ear, "Mom, Dad got in a bad wreck!!" So I get on the phone, John says he's OK, but shook up, a airport shuttle bus, slammed into the back of his car, the driver was having a heart attack! He needed me to come pick him up at the body shop. Wow, crazy how we never know how our day might go, God has different plans than ours. I quickly got up, made lunches, and squeezed into morning traffic! Thank God Rachel is here with us, she did the morning drop off.'s. John is fine, he of course missed his flight to Canada, but we got to spend a little time together at breakfast. So now I'm going to take Chloe on a run, even thought I really would love to climb back into bed! gotta get on with it, Shirley


  1. You are SuperMom! What a terrible way to be woken up. I'm glad John wasn't hurt.

  2. Praise God that John was not hurt. That is so scary to get a call like that...