Monday, August 6, 2012


We shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words. —1 Thessalonians. 4:17-18

Guess who's the next Bethany Hamilton, Sadie! Notice the depth of the water, haha, even though super shallow she still catches some good waves, that bring her all the way in.  She's hooked, it's the cutest thing I have seen, she rides a wave in, then grabs her board and runs back, over and over!  
 Chloe and Grace, I wanted to post some pictures of the Rueter kids visit here. We miss them....
 Sage and Hanna, couldn't be any tanner, both in black bikini's
 We have had such amazing summer so far, many beach day's, great family time.
 Grace, Sadie, and Coco, the little girls adore Grace, they follow her like little puppies, all I hear after she leave's is Grace said this, and Grace did that....
 Smores in the front yard, after a long day at the beach, nothing feels better than a shower, cozy clothes, and a fire.
 Ohh we are missing our nice gas fueled fire pit at the old house, but are making due with this little guy.
 If you've ever been annihilated by the Slee's at the game Taboo, I apologize , we are an extremely competitive family. The big kids played, and let me tell you it got scrappy at times, I had to jump in and settle disputes, Sage and John instantly threw me under the bus saying mom were this way because of you!!
 One evening I brought dinner to town, we sat outside played smash ball, did cartwheels, people watched.

 I love when I find random shots on my computer, kids testing out their photo skills

 The only shot I got at John's aunt house, she had us over for a lovely dinner yesterday, we had such a great time, thanks Aunt Susan for making us feel special the fun toys you bought for the girls, the yummy food, and just a chance for me to relax, I feel like I'm the one always entertaining, feeding, it was really nice to be a guest. Love you and Mark.... Coco at aunties pool
Saturday was John and my 16th anniversary, we snuck away for the day and explored Coronado Island, then went downtown San Diego for a steak dinner, we had a great day together. He gave me a wonderful day at the spa, as well. Love this man, and am so proud of how at such a young age we have managed to tough it out. I see how God bless's and honors our lives, because of our commitment to each other through marriage. I love you John and look forward to many more anniversary's together.. Shirley

Oh small side note, bad computer news.... Unrecoverable! That's the verdict, we were prepared to pay big money to have our photo's and videos recovered, but got the call friday that they can't do a thing, the hard drive is completely ruined! I put my running shoes on, and ran to the beach, I cried, thinking of certain video's, photo's that I'd never see again, I know it's petty to some, but  i know how fleeting this life is, and all we really have is memories, life fly's by so fast, and my kids love to look at their photo's baby video's, so a small prayer for me, thanks.

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