Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to normal

The genuineness of your faith [is] much more precious than gold. —1 Peter 1:7
Happy to say I'm feeling almost 100%, it amazes me how horrible I felt to this, normal! All within 24 hours. I'm thankful for any prayers that were said for me.Yesterday morning, I was on it, packing lunches, making kids get their chores done, organizing the day! John comes out of his office and say's welcome back mommy! I used to joke to my friends that I liked getting the flu, so I could take the day off! I no longer will say that, because I'll take feeling healthy, happy, over sick and miserable any day.
We've got football fever over here today, Little John's first game is today and we can't wait! Win or loose doesn't even matter, just seeing our son out there, giving something his all, is winning for us! I was able to walk Sadie into class yesterday, she melts my heart she is soo confident, happy, she's not concerned with what people think of her, she walks in like she owns the place. I want to be more like her....
 Girls begged me to make bean bags with them, have to say it was a super easy, fun project
 coco filling it with coffee/rice
 Still want to attempt to make upholstered, tufted, head boards for the little girls room
Had to say Mitt's speech last night was pretty awesome! Big kids watched it with us, I love for them to witness history in the making, so exciting! Don't know about you but I'm ready for "Change"!!! Alright time to get workout done, blessing's today, Shirley


  1. Am I EVER ready for CHANGE!!!!!! I am extremely worried.....
    I am glad that you are feeling better & agree that I would like to be more like miss Sadie and her confidence! :-)

  2. So glad that you are feeling better. And we are soooo ready for CHANGE at this house!