Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life is in the blood

 The life of every creature is in its blood... Leviticus 17:14

Thanks for all the prayers, support! She's so strong, peaceful.. She knows where her help comes from!
Our visit with my aunt went great, while we were there she received her new bone marrow! We were under the impression that she would go under while receiving it. But nope, it was through her I.V, line!! We all gathered around her bed, my dad led us in a prayer, for healing, God's will to be done! God has blessed man with such knowledge it's pretty mind blowing! The City of Hope Hospital, is world class!! I will one day God willing, donate to this place! The women who donated her blood for my aunty we love and appreciate you doing such a selfless act! She had to go under 10 times to get the right amount!!  The hospital will provide a charming cottage for my aunt to recover in, for two months. 
After lunch we wanted Aunt Jeannie to rest, before the procedure, so we took the other aunties to the mall!! I know shocking right???? Within minutes we had them in designer jeans, cammies, and cute tops!! I'm blessed with the best aunties in the world, they are so loving, caring, funny! We grew up with them in our daily lives, they all are like second mothers to us girls.
 My momma stayed home and did pick up's for me! Thanks mom I love you so much, this was the scene when we got back, mom looking for food coloring, the girls and her were making home made paint!!! Things only a Grandma would/could do!!!
 The girls and their homemade paint!
 And also a huge thanks to Lynda for helping out as well! She let Gracie come over to help babysit my girls so grandma could take a timeout!!!
OK time to get moving I 'm helping in Sadie's class, then my aunties are coming over!! God bless Shirley

Monday, November 28, 2011

Yes more family pictures!!!

That you may become . . . children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation. —Philippians 2:15

Another fun family filled day, at the beach! Jim and Johnny went home, My folks and Jenny are leaving Wednesday, and Rachel is staying all week! 
Coco playing
 Point Dune Malibu has a beautiful hiking trail, we take the kids there often, I was excited to show my momma
 Bubs playing with his little sisters, he's so gentle, patient with them, I always feel like these two little girls are a gift to John and Sage
 I'm realizing the importance to just stop, take a time out of life and enjoy the kids
 Jenny bugs and I, momma was taking pictures of us, while we were looking at a herd of dolphins passing

 Daddy and his babies, they have him super tight around their pinky's
Sage and I enjoying our Bucks
 Papa playing football

 Little John
 God's sunset, so perfect

                            Ok I know enough with the family pictures!!! Sorry it's my blog!!
On a very serious note I'm going with my Dad and two sisters to L.A, to visit my aunt who is under going a Bone Marrow transplant today, please right now say a prayer for her, she is such a blessing to our family, we need her to come out of this, completely healed! Shirley

Saturday, November 26, 2011


For I have chosen him, so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the LORD by doing what is right and just. Genesis 18:19

My family (minus Chloe, she was throwing a fit) 
We were anticipating everyone's arrivals, Sadie was on this pillar with binoculars... Yes we get that anxious!! I was right there with her, waiting for my brother to show up! 
 Finally arriving Jim my older brother, he is so special, kind, funny, smart, just a gem!
 Johnny my little brother, with Jim. Johnny the youngest, is such a great brother, always dependable, gives great advise, and has one of the most funny sense of humor, you'd be surprised how hilarious he is.
 My Dad and Johnny, love them so much
 Jenny the oldest of us kids, and Rachel my sis-n law, and Johnny
And the guest of honor Baby Luke!!! Coming in March!!! I'm sure my sis got sick of me touching her belly, I couldn't help myself! This is nothing compared to how it's going to be once he's out of the womb, just warning you both! 
 Our first of many meals together! My friend said, "It seems like all your family does is eat!!!" Yes this is true, a huge part of our family is the meals, my momma was the type that always cooked three meals, and catered to our every need! So it was nice this year to let her relax, John, Jim, and I all pitched in with the cooking, and Rachel and Jenny were super with clean-up! Their going to get mad I posted this picture but this is soo real!
I can't explain, but I will try, just how much my family means to me, EVERYTHING!!
Rachel and Jenny help out so much with the girls, playing with them, baths, dressing, brushing teeth, feeding, I start to feel a little guilty. But then I realize that they aren't around the girls daily, so it's their pleasure to spend so much time with them. (Rachel and Sadie playing Barbies)
John and I married when I was 16 years old, so I'm used to running my house a certain way, and back in the day, I used to stress when a lot of people came to visit, cleaning like crazy not enjoying them! But let me tell you God has changed me so much that I can now relax, laugh, and most of all enjoy it all! I realize how blessed I am to have a family like mine! Where God is the center, the joy, love and peace we feel is nothing that this world can give!
 I did sit this outing to Malibu out, to stay and get caught up with laundry, also I helped John with the cooking, John started two days before prepping the food which was so amazing!
My dad took my camera to get shots, we try to go to the hill at least once, hiking up and down, then of course my thick skinned brother Jim, jumps in the Pacific Ocean, he's crazy it's soo cold it literally stings my feet!
 My amazing Daddy
 The Bu, soo gourgeous
 My mother in-law makes the Best White Russian Pies, she has lovingly passed down her recipe to John who makes them every year, they are the biggest hit! Two is never enough!!!
 I feel like our dinning table is pretty big, but when my whole family is here it's wayyyy tooo small!!! So little girls had their own table!
 One of the "creator" of us all! Momma
 My lovely sis-n law, she is a blessing to our family, God him self hand picked her, for Johnny! They are sooo in love, and expecting their first baby! God is so good, Johnny waited patiently for her, prayed for her, and God provided....
 Here we are my dad set up this photo shoot, he wanted a picture of all his kids, we took many, none of us could cooperate! I adore all my siblings, they are my life, we laugh, love, and enjoy each other so much. I told John this morning it almost hurts, how much I love them! I wish they lived next door, (yes next door, not with me)!!
 Call us crazy, but we participated in Black Friday!!! We woke at 3:00 and hit it hard, along with thousands of other "crazy's"!! It was fun, and honestly so worth it, so many great deals!!
 Hanna and Sage
 Ok yes Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Johnny and Rachel, are two beautiful humans! Baby Luke is going to be something!!
We had a whole new meaning of Thanksgiving this year, Johnny and Rachel left yesterday afternoon, but we got a call about an hour into their trip, they got rear-ended! The car got smashed, bad! So my parents were off to help them, Rachel is 6 months pregnant, she was taken to the hospital by ambulance, Thank God, baby Luke, and momma were fine! Johnny and Rachel woke sore, but nothing major! We are all so thankful! Here is the car! It's declared totaled 
 All of us Hess girls are born shoppers, we can go all day, and night! But I do have a limit, so I have to sit many excursions out! Which John appreciates!
 Rachel and her "baby" Coco
Today we took the girls to sit on Santa's lap, then to the beach, Lynda took her three, and my oldest two to the beach. We went to meet them, but got their late, they were packed up ready to leave, but turned around for round two!! We had a blast the weather was soo great.
Here are my two little sweety's
Here is my surfer girl Sage
 Horses on the beach =bliss
 Sadie and Grace
 My brother Jim with no wet suit!!
 So handsome
 I had the girls race each other, of course they "all" won
 And the best husband in the world, wiping off my sandy feet
Ok that's it, hope you enjoyed, I'm savoring every last moment before they all trickle home. God bless you, Shirley