Our Family

Our Family

Friday, September 30, 2011

More Family photo's, and juicing is done!!

Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions, Proverbs 10:12

Got blessed with a few more yesterday! Love this one of the little girls, I'm going to have it done on canvass, and put it in their room. Again a HUGE thanks to Teresa, if you haven't done so check out her blog teresamarie-photography
My girls and me! 
My feet look deformed, but I love this picture anyways!!
 Here's my two oldest, they both are such a joy, (most of the time)!!
 Sadie, one of the loves of my life!!! She is soo full of life, appreciates everything, she reminds me of my dad!
 And the main Love of my life!!
Soory if I'm boring you with all these family pictures, It's just a thrill anytime some one captures your family for you! I've been soo blessed having my sweet friend Lynda take photos of our family for years! Without her, I'd have just a few, you know how mom's are never in the photo's because we are always behind the camera!!! Well she has captured many of me with my kids! Amazing! I thank God for these two amazing women who capture moments, that's what life is about the memories! On another note I'm soooo done with this juice fast! It was great for my health, I feel clearer, my skin is glowing, that's what John said anyway. But truth is I eat pretty healthy most of the time, so I missed eating! OK time for lunch making, outfits, hair, have a great day, Shirley

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