Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Im back!! Our Latest Bishop trip!

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27
 So in the wee hours of the early morning Kim and I packed up our broad and hit the road to Bishop, Friday. She brought 3 of her 6, I brought 2 of my 4. The trip went great, kids, were content, there waiting in the driveway was my big sister Jenny! She was so excited to see us, the little girls ran to her. We went to be part of my home church's annual camp meeting (revival). I grew up on a Indian Reservation, surrounded my family. It truly is another world! When we walked into the Church for dinner before the evening service, there before me was many loved ones, and friends so after many  hugs, laughs, we finally got to sit and eat, poor Kim, I had to explain that I know it's a little weird to outsiders, the amount of Love, that flows from Indian people, but I soak it all up! Every where we turned I was "oh hi, Auntie, Uncle, oh there's my cousins," I had to explain that I grew up on this street, my Grandma had 7 children who also grew up on the same street, and the funny thing is I probably only seen   a 1/4 of my family!! Any ways Kim loved it, and said it reminded her when she lived in Hawaii, she said the Hawaiians are very similar.
Here's a shot of my big brother Jim he came into town the same night, he's my best friend and I love to spend as much time with him as possible, all the little girls are crazy over him, I have to sh them away, they suffocate Uncle!
Here's Kim's little boy Salem, all ready for our trip!
The kids go from my parents house to my sisters Jenny house, my folks have land, where I built a home, and my sister now has one as well. So they get to watch cartoons, get special treats from auntie!
Uncle Jim getting swarmed again!
My folks driveway
Kim on an early morning to the church they served breakfast every morning!
My cousin had a new baby, Feather, she is sooo precious, we couldn't get enough of her!
Sadie and her little cousin
Chloe and Feather
I had to break this up, the girls on Uncles legs!!
Here's a shot of one service at church, wish I would have taken way more photo's! It was awesome, God was present, you walked in and could feel the love, peace, and joy!
Silly girls
Uncle took us to a special place that he takes our dog Sven, they both jump in "ICE COLD" mountain water!!
He caught a lizard for the girls, this is Goldie holding the lizard!
And Chloe's second mommy Jenny!!
Here he is, he is not normal when it comes to cold water, once John my husband went camping in the High Sierras with Jim. John said it was soo cold, he had a hard time staying warm, when in the early morning, he hears a splash, he opens his tent to find Jim swimming in the lake!!!
The kids playing on a huge ant hill!

Auntie and her baby
We had a little fun in the middle of no where, and played Limbo! Jenny said she was proud of me, she didn't know I was that limber!! So she gave it a try!

Here is a shot of my Uncle Stan, performing a baby dedication for his daughter Raquel, and baby Feather.
Feather and I
Raquel and baby Feather
Silly Sadie
Kim and her three
Jim and Jenny, love you both soooo much, missed my brother Johnny, and sis Rachel, then it would have been complete, also Mom and Dad who are still in Washington!!!
Had to get this shot of Salem waiving good by to Bishop!
Sadie wasn't thrilled with the idea of coming home!

We stopped at Schat's Bakery on the way home, the best Turkey sandwiches in the world!!
Then before we officially hit the road we stopped at Q's hot springs to tire the kids out!

Home sweet home!! Chloe was so excited to be back so got out all her baby's fake food, and went into mommy mode!

We had a quick but blessed trip, Kim's kids were so well behaved, my little 3 year old felt like I had 10 kids, she was very naughty, she tested me daily. But God gave me grace, and now that were home, she's a perfect little angle! God bless today, Shirley


  1. Bishop Love... :) Looks like another great trip.

  2. Thanks Cory yes it is always magical!!!