Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Family Photo shoot!/ Juice fast day four!

The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame. Proverbs 29:15

Hello, yesterday my sweet friend Teresa Curry did a fun, unique family shoot at my house. She is so creative, thinking out side the box! She took hundreds if not thousands of pictures these are the only teasers, that she gave me late last night, these are untouched! Theresa is offering a $250.00 special till the first of the year, this price includes photo session as well as photo's!! Check out her blog here teresa marie 
Love these ones of the little girls in my bed, playing1 
All grown up our Sagey
Can't wait to see the rest! She took pictures of Chloe riding her rocking horse, the girls playing in their kitchen, the big kids alone, John and I together, Sage and I baking, all four of us girls reading in my bed, sooo creative!! ! Super fun, I'll post the rest once I get them.....
So I am on day four of this juice fast, yesterday I went to my sweet friend Kim's house for a visit, she had made homemade peppermint, chocolate ice cream!!! Of course I could not be rude and turn down a bite!!!! So just one bite, I truly could have eaten the whole container! Then her super generous husband had to offer me a slice of Kim's homemade wheat bread!!! Being the lady that I am, I obliged!! Yummy, so needless to say there were moments of weakness yesterday happening! I then came home and had to polish off my homemade bread! This gave me enough energy with juice to run 5 miles, and lift weights!!
I'm back on track to finish this!! Only going to Friday though!! Probably from here on out going to juice once a week all day, it's really hard to do with little ones, I'm in the kitchen a huge portion of my day!

After the shoot yesterday I made peanut butter cookies, the kids raided my dough! I had to get this shot, so funny!

Our juice yesterday
 My handsome hubby juicing!
 Us doing cheers
 Kim making her weekly bread, she was saying how making her own has dropped her grocery bill!

 I had a little peek on my way out, it smelled sooo great!
Off to my Thursday Bible study today, then a client, alright have a blessed day, Shirley

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