Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring flowers/ Julianna's 29th

It's been a while, going to be more diligent, it's been a busy month

John is traveling more than he's home, so I'm flying solo. Kids are doing great, John and Sage are playing spring soccer, having fun with that only draw back is games are on Sunday's. Also with this rainy season more games have been canceled than played! Looking forward to summer, we've had a few hot days already, I pack the kids up and go to Malibu whenever I can! I'm also making it a point to get outside a lot more taking hikes, bike rides, out door workouts. Went to San Diego a couple of weeks ago with John for a one night trip, felt like a whole week, had a great time hanging with my little brother Johnny and my sis-in-law Rachel, Johnny and I went for a run along the beach, had lunch, shopped, then met John for dinner, wish I had more time to visit with my awesome uncles/aunts (next time). Spring break is coming, can't wait we are taking kids to Palm Springs, then maybe to Bishop. Johns got the week off! Well God bless, Shirley

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  1. Sadie had her kindergarten checkup! The pretty girls in the picture is Julianna Fowler, Kim Reeves.