Our Family

Our Family

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sadie's 5th birthday!!

Five years ago John and I were living in Ventura Ca. lil John was 9, Sage was only 6. Life was good, Johns job was secure, kids were thriving, we owned a beautiful house. But deep inside both of us something was missing! We could sleep in when we wanted, family trips were easy with the kids getting older. I was working in a salon, my hours were around John and Sages school hours, I would go back in evenings when John got home from work. I started to say, "wow life is sooo easy, I feel like something is missing?" So I pressed in prayer asking God, "why am I feeling this feeling, I have everything I could ever want?" In my spirit I felt God giving me a desire to have another baby, although John and I totally thought two children were plenty, since we stared so young, but I couldn't shake the feeling. One night I mentioned it to John and to my surprise he said he felt the same way!! We started trying and within a month I was pregnant.....
Sadie's birth was so special, lil John and Sage were there to witness their sister coming into the world! Lil John cut the cord, with tears running down his face. Sage was in Love the moment she saw her baby sister. God is sooo good.
We rotate our kids birthday's one year a party, the next just presents, and dinner at home. Last year for her 4th we went all out, a huge bash at our house, swimming, pinata. So this year I asked her instead of a party what do you want? She wanted to go to the mall and pick out some outfits, Builda Bear, then a taco dinner and cake! It was a great day, she was so excited!
Sage, Hanna, Grace, and Birthday girl!
I have no idea where she get's "IT" from????

Her birthday wish list big sister helped her do! We are not an animal family, so no pet fish!!


  1. This is so awesome!!! Love aunty Rachel

  2. No no fish we gave away our pet turtle on crags list! T=If that doesn't tell you were are not a pet family.......