Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hello it's been soo long since I've posted, alot has happened. Starting with a new school year beginning for John and Sage. John went back to public school, while Sage has continued with home school. They seem very happy, getting good grades, next year Sage will be going to Junior high she'll be in sixth grade and lil John will be in eighth, it will be a chance for them to be together while in Junior high! Sage is excited lil John not so much! I have completed writing my book Text-tionary, just waiting on the illustrations to be completed, then it will be off to a literary agent who presents it to the publisher! Scary... I'm just hoping it will get picked up to be published and sold. I'll give more details on the book once it has been published. We have put the house on the market, and within a week we received 5 offers, we took the most secure one. We will have almost three months to move, since it is a short sale escrow is a lot slower. We will be staying here in Camarillo, we have all fallen in love with this area, close to the beach, L.A. Just wish family were closer! Rachel and I will be demonstrating basket weaving starting in January at the Aurty Museum in L.A. Should be a blast, we always have so much fun together. Johns job is going really well, he is helping with the growth, the company has really took off you should notice it around every where mini markets, grocery stores, airports. My folks are in Washington finishing the house up, it is really something! Also Johnny got married to a beautiful girl Rachel, they are in Sand Diego, doing very well, the family and I are so excited to have another Rachel Hess in the family!! Thanks for reading my blog it's a good way to tell what's happening in our lives at the moment, someday the kids will appreciated it as well, love Shirley

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  1. Great stuff, Shirley. Thanks for the link to your blog.

    Ted Uhler