Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Time

Saying Goodbye to Grandparents( on their way to Wa.)

Moms Kitchen before After

Cousins swimming at my moms & Dads

Summer has been soo great so far, many beach trips, day trips, hanging around at home, baking, house projects, visiting with friends. The kids and I went to Bishop for a week, I refinished my moms kitchen cabinets, here's a picture of before and after. The kids had a blast swimming in the pool, then warming up in the sauna. On Tuesday we had over eleven cousins, swimming, the kids had a lot of fun, I on the other hand worked morning till night four days solid on the kitchen. After seeing just how much work it really was my dad helped me finish up, then momma came in to help with the hardware, in the end all the hard work was totally worth it! We went to Bishop with five of us and only returned with four! Sage went to Hoopa, Ca a twelve hour drive with Stan and Myriah, and Lidia, to a church camp meeting. After begging John and I four days straight, we finally gave in and decided it would be fun for her, after two days she called to say she was sooo home sick! Poor lil girl, I was up late thinking maybe we should fly there to get her, but by morning she was fine, we all miss her so much can't wait until Monday to see her! I'm happy to be home we have brought back our dog Sven who had been living in Bishop for some time now, he is happy to be out of the heat, and loves all the attention from the kids, we are very happy to have him home. My folks left for Washington while we were there, when saying goodbye Sadie looks up to my Mom & Dad and says "will you remember me" Grandpa quickly picked her up to reassure her that they could never forget their princess! My parents goal is to complete their home that they have been building, for about two years now, it has been a lot of work, since they have pretty much done most of the work themselves, but now they must hire some help to complete it, I'll post some pictures soon of the house, it's really beautiful. Well a few more fun trips planned Palm Springs, Washington, keep you posted.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Brenda and Boys visit

Sharing our motherhood together, is something that Brenda Kiddoo and I have been doing for twelve years now, she is truly one of the best mothers out there and has been an amazing friend to me. We were glad to have her and her two sweet boys visit for four days, we went to the beach, hung out at the house and enjoyed the company. So the picture with all the kids yes that is a RAT, a week before Brenda and the kids came I was upstairs nursing Chloe when on her balcony I thought I saw a rat run past, so I mentioned it to John when he came home so off to the hardware store he went and returned with traps, poison, he set it all up on the balcony. The next morning lil John said the rat is in the trap alive, it was a sticky trap, so lil John tryed to squeeze it to death, but it ran away without it's tail! So knowing that ratzilla was out there somewhere with no tail we were cautious! Then when Brenda and the boys came, we kept hearing noises in lil Johns room, Brenda and I were enjoying our breakfast talking when I saw the rat peek out from under the couch, well this made Brenda jump into action she had me flipping over the couch in no time, all the kids were screaming, the rat ran out from under the couch to the coat rack then back, all the while we were trying to catch him, finally Brenda had him trapped and with my 10 pound weight she pinned the poor little fellow and one lethal blow killed little Pipito(Brenda you get that)?? And guess what he had no tail!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July

Well the weekend went off without any hitches, we had so much fun, all my siblings came to visit, as well as my two potential sister-in laws!! We really just all enjoyed being around each other, many laughs, many great meals, lots of love!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Entertaining this is going to be a crazy, fun weekend, we will be hosting nine family members here at our home!!!! We love when family comes to visit, we will be going to Santa Barbara for the fourth, setting up on the beach, packing a picnic! All is going good this is turning out to be a great summer for the kids, school will be starting in August lil John will be returning to public school he missed the social aspect of school, locker, girls, lunch, so with my blessing he'll return. I'll miss him so much, Sage on the other hand is leaning towards ho0me school again this year. I hope she chooses to home school, her being home gives her much more time for the piano, horse riding and acting, all of which she loves right now. So we'll see...