Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sadie 9th birthday/Easter 2015

This is the Day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it! Psalms 118:24

Today my sweet Sadie is 9! After John and Sage we thought we were through having babies. But after much prayer and thought we decided to go for it, and along came Sadie. Oh we all were so in love with her, from the get she has thee sweetest, happiest, kindest personality. So easy going, she started talking at 1, potty trained at 18 months, just a bright girl. Just the other day one of her class mates stops me and says,  "Mrs. Slee did you know that Sadie scored the highest on our hard math test?" I look at Sadie and she Say's "Oh yeah forgot to tell you Mom" That's her in a nut shell so easy going. Love you Sadie thanks for being a ray of sun shine.  
For her birthday she planned last year, first she wanted a limo to pick her friends up and take them to Miguel's a Mexican restaurant, then cake and ice-cream at home, then swimming, and finally sleepover. We had nine girls total, so much fun! 
Lots of dancing, singing

 Been so busy forgot to do our Easter Post for spring break we took all the kids and Sages friend Erin to Bishop we had a wonderful time. Erin was immersed right into our lives there which is different from here. The first morning we took our usual desert walk near the Indian cemetery while there we witnessed a traditional Indian burial during this a huge group of Natives circled a fire and sang while dancing around it. So amazing and sacred to witness this.
 Esther Sunday I woke to this scene Sadie pushing Chloe on the swing, these two are quiet a gift.
 Then onto our annual baptism at the hot springs. So powerful, and beautiful.
 The teens, while there Erin Sages friend felt compiled to be baptized. 
 Love this shot, it's her commitment and belief that Christ was crucified and resurrected, Oh happy day!

Sage and Mariah these two were born two weeks apart.
 My sweet little cousin Feather
 Grandma and Jenns

 My auntie hosted a beautiful Esther lunch and egg hunt. A group of great men, Bucky, Jack, Merve, Jack JR. Dad, and Jim

 All the little cousins
These two painting and enjoying their time in the country 
 After a year of youtube videos and longing for their mermaid tails here they are, I literally was taking a bath and heard screams, I froze and thought someone got hit by a car, I jumped out with only a towel on and screamed what happened???? Oh our Mermaid tails came in! Phew.....
 Papa and his girl taking a break before the festivities
 Our crew plus one random guy!
 Speaking of happy days John gave me the green light to order the new couch I've been longing for! I sold our two on craigslist. I can't wait till it comes in
 a big sectional but in linen
 Wednesday hike days
 Oh look what I scored for $5! It needed a major clean up, I added three coats of magnetic paint and three coats of chalk paint and girls have a new addition to their play area!
 New pillows waiting for their couch
 my inspiration has been coming back in a major way, which can be dangerous for the pocket book, so I'll be hitting thrift stores and re-creating a lot of ideas I have floating around in my OCD brain

 Oh heres a shot of the new rug I bought Going to recover my ottoman in something fun!
Ok time to get my workout done, house cleaned, and clients, then projects, hope you all have a blessed day, Shirley 

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