Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer coming to a close

Your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. —Matthew 6:18
Well the 12-13 school year, is right around the corner! We have started school clothes shopping, the little girls are done, and big kids are almost done, just school supplies left! Phew, so many details to accomplish:
  • shoes,
  • under ware,
  • back-packs,
  • clothes,
  • socks, s
  • school supplies
  • school registration, 

I have three different schools this year to get registered in, we finished Sage's registration this morning at 7:30 A.M, she was a little nervous, she wishes she was back"home" in Camarillo, with her buddies registering. Poor girl. I soo wish I could tag along the first day with John and Sage, go to every class, then eat lunch with them. I know its their journey to take, but I want to hold their hands! It doesn't get easier as you get older, I think just the opposite, it gets harder, trying to make new friends. But they are great kids, so nice, they shouldn't have a problem.
On another note, we had a fun dinner BBQ last night with our friends Brendan, Sarah, their two boys, so fun. John made ribs, everyone had bbq sauce dripping all over!  We played Taboo, many laughs, a few fights, and lots of competition!
The weather has been so hot, in the 80's, I know those of you with 90's, 100's, are like "really", but the humidity plus no A.C, has been brutal, we escape to the beach almost daily, the water is so warm, truly amazing, I'm loving this summer so far, it's been great! OK house, kid duties are calling, or should I say whining!!! Shirley
Check out the body boarder, she's getting braver, each time, she is practicing "paddling out" So cutie

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  1. You have such kind and thoughtful kids. Your family is the best!