Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fur Ottomans

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. —Romans 5:8

First up Chloe's 4th birthday is coming super fast! We stagger birthday parties around here, so one year a fun party the next a mellow family dinner! Well this so happens to be Coco's big birthday year!! She has been talking about it non-stop since ohh last year! She envisions a Minnie Mouse/Ice cream party, complete with ponies, the cup cake lady, and a ice cream truck! Umm maybe.......
Her Minnie Mouse Birthday Dress came in the mail, she's on day two of wearing it! We ordered it on Etsy
 Yes I'm long winded, that's why I have a blog! Sooo a little history, I inherited these two leopard print ottomans while a friend was moving. They've lived in just about every room, I always known I was going to re cover them one day, and guess what that day came!!!

OK so now what to cover them with?? I scoured Joann's nothing! Then I went on line on Pintrist and came across a fur ottoman that I loved! Low and behold it was a DIYS! Remembering that at Thrift Stores, they have racks of furs!! So off this morning Sage and I went..... 3 hours, many, many thrift stores later, they wanted top dollar I mean hundreds for their furs!!! I gave up, Sage took a nap while I was driving. About to jump on the free way I prayed, "God if you could please lead me to the perfect store???" If not no biggy..... I look to the right, and low and behold a simple sign Thrift Store, not kidding, I pulled in and ran in, the place was hopping, wonderful older women running the show, asked can we help you?? Yes I said, I'm looking for fur coats?? Oh yeah we have those in the back, but we just got a huge load that we have to unpack, if you can please wait? Oh sure, can I help you ladies unload it, yes please they said, (sorry no quotations too lazy), anyways after unloading one showed me to the back, perfecto just what I have been looking for, now the price she looked at me and said, you know these aren't cheep?? I said yes I'm aware, then explained what I needed them for, she kinda liked my plan, and said OK $25/each, I said will you take $35 for both?? Sure, I paid and ran!!!! (Feeling the glares from the other ladies on my back)
 They were so pretty I kinda hated to rip them up!

 One more before

 And After!!

 Still need to lightly de-stress the blond one yet ran out of sand paper.
 Couldn't be more pleased! Just how I envisioned them, all ya need is spray paint, a staple gun, thrift store fur!!
OK I know my posts have been hit or miss, just super busy summer, we have had guest for the last month, and now the house is empty, so lots of cozy family time, reading, playing, talking, games. Kinda wonderful to regroup, and relax. Not that we don't love our guests, we do! But after entertaining we needed family time. Computer up-date, it's getting fixed and we will have a bullet proof back-up plan!! Also very expensive but not as horrible as we thought!! Praise God. OK time to log off, watching John play volley ball and football, with the kids. God is good all the time... Shirley


  1. Mhttp://luluandjunebug.blogspot.com

    We did a Minnie Mouse birthday party and got some really cute ideas from the blog above! We added a lot more to it. It turned out great!
    Love your DIY project!

  2. Thanks Cathy, I looked at the blog, great ideas. Wow she did an amazing job, I'm hoping to keep it fairly simple, but we'll see....

  3. Love those stools! Very cute!