Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday banner

The heavens declare the glory of God. —Psalm 19:1

While John and I were on our Anniversary date Saturday, we went to Solana Beach, such a cute beach town, one whole street is dedicated to design!! We were in heaven, and soo inspired. While at a shop we saw a sign made out of burlap, that read- Happy Birthday. With Chloe's birthday up ahead I decided to spare my hubby $$$ and make the sign myself. Off to Joanna's for burlap, at $2.99 a yard, stencils $6.00, and fabric paint $3.00. I was in business. 
First made a pattern 
Fold over top and sew
Place stencil and sponge on paint
 I hung it up a week early, to see how it would look, I love it!
 Speaking of Coco, guess who this is?????

 Yep Chloe, Sage straightened her hair, we laughed so hard seeing her with straight hair
 Sadie was super excited, she couldn't stop hugging her sister, "please mom don't ever wash her hair again," Sadie begged!! Not a chance, I love her bushy curly hair!!
I'm wiped out, breakfast, lunch, cleaning house, projects with the kids, then beach for a couple of hours, (it was in the 80's today), then made dinner, I feel like a zombie tonight, going to bed in a few!
Blessing's Shirley

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  1. I love the banner....just might have to give it a try!