Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 29, 2012


So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves . . . . Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image.” —Genesis 1:21,26

With 8 others in the house do I really have a moment to myself?? Amazing! Oh wait I hear footsteps coming down stairs:( So the day begins! 
My friend Peri has a beautiful home salon, in her glorious backyard. I got to break it in, on my fast Camarillo turnaround. 
 A little glimpse of the backyard
 Yesterday morning Hanna, Sage, and I took Michelle to the airport. Michelle we miss you already, your such a sweet, helpful, inspiring young lady. Come back anytime!
 As far as we could go
After dropping Michelle off, we went to visit Johnny and Luke. Johnny's birthday was on the 27th, so we took uncle shopping, and shusi! I packed Luke in the baby Bjorn, he is such a blessing, I'm loving my auntie role! Last week I went to church alone, the church was packed, their was a young man who was sitting next to me. All of a sudden in the row ahead, I hear, "come here baby!!" The guy next to me stood, up, and squished my legs, to give his 80 year old aunt a big kiss! He apologized to me for stepping all over me, but explained how that was his favorite aunt, and it was her birthday! I immediately wanted to see my nephew. 
 Airport, lunch, shopping, was I done yet?? Nope I stopped off at the hospital to visit my cousin Reese, and baby Harper. Harper was born 2 months early, despite the set back, she is thriving! Reese is there at the hospital everyday with her baby, feeding, holding, singing, to her, she's so in love and already an amazing momma!
 Harper is just beautiful, I actually laughed when I saw her, because.. in the pictures I see of her, she looks big. But in real life she is so tiny. Just precious!!! Makes you realize how God's amazing design is perfect, tiny fingers, toes.
OK time to get kids fed, house cleaned a quick workout, then church, beach! God bless you today, Shirley

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