Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Todays the day!

Goodmorning, I was sleeping soundley when I felt a hand on my back, gently shaking me awake. A little annoyed I said "what" to John, he was fast asleep with his back turned to me??? Chloe was in the middle between us, but it didn't feel like her little hand. God is truly holding me to it when I asked him to wake me early!! Last week I made a huge list of all the thing I needed to accomplish in order to be prepared for Kim's baby shower. Happy to say I've checked off everything!! Today all I have to do is get tables/chair's, pick up food, flowers, coffee, ice.
Finished the drift wood candle holders, with the help of my hubby! Thanks John.

The girls asked what is going in the holes, I said candles, Chloe ran to get our birthday candles...
I went and got a pedicure, picked out a cool torques color, when I got home all the little girls went crazy, so I had to
buy the color!


  1. How precious. What a blessed day

  2. Was a blessed day the shower turned out amazing! Will post pictures in morning!