Friday, April 11, 2014

Loom Beading/Bracelets

Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name. —Psalm 29:2
My sister Rachel makes thee most beautiful Indian Baby Baskets, and lately she's been beading on a loom, she inspired the girls and I to give it a go, we are all hooked I've made around 5 so far, she bought us a loom in amazon, for 6.00, and took us to the local Indian store, where we bought beads. I'm obsessed it looks so great, but takes a few tries to get it down, I'm not 100% yet, still having a hard time taking it off the loom and attaching it to leather 
 Some supplies you'll need

 I printed a few design graphs off if Pintrist,

 My four with their cousin Luke, the little light of our lives, he brings so much joy!
A shot of the big kids homeschooling, we've been on Spring Break for a while, enjoying every second! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Another mini Vaca

For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” —Galatians 5:14
We met up with my parents in San Diego at a resort. Spent two days that felt like a wonderful long vacation! It was so hot, thank God for the lazy river, the girls went around and around all day long.
We haven't taken a big, vacation this year just mini, quick stays here and there. It's fun to getaway, and makes coming home that much better.
 We needed to restock the house badly when we got home, so off to Costco Sage and I went. She's so into health, and takes excellent care of herself, she's learning a lot about the health benefits of food. Sage  is such a beauty, inside and out
Not a whole lot of house remodel going on the guy we hired to do the city plans is dragging his feet, were lighting a fire under him, anxious to get started. Time to put the house back together again, take fritz on a walk, take girls to the park. Hope all is well, Love Shirley

Monday, April 7, 2014

A few of my favorite things/LegoLand

Choose life, that both you and your descendants may live; that you may love theLord your God, that you may obey His voice. —Deuteronomy 30:19-20

Soooo ladies, my good friend Kim has been telling me about something called a Diva Cup, for ever! It's an alternative to using tampons! Tampons can be very unhealthy, we've all been using them forever, never really thinking much about them. But once I did a little research about them, I didn't like what I found! 
Toxic Shock Syndrome
Tampons have been bleached with harsh chemicals
Damage to the environment
Sage and I started using them, and let me tell you at first it was scary, messy, we both were ready to give up. BUT…we gave it a go, and now we are completely hooked! There are two models, one is for women over 30 who have given birth, and the other for women under 30. 

 Also another one of my discoveries is magnesium, I take a teaspoon in the morning, and one in the night.

Some people use magnesium for diseases of the heart and blood vessels including chest pain, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure
attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),
anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, leg cramps during pregnancy, diabetes, kidney stones, migraine headaches, weak bones (osteoporosis), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), altitude sickness, urinary incontinence, restless leg syndrome, asthma, hayfever, multiple sclerosis, and for preventing hearing loss. So as you can see it's just about good for many, many things!!! Give it a try I love it

Sadie's class had a field trip to Lego Land, I volunteered to take a group, so blessed that I'm able to be there for the kids. 
 Mini land
 Luke doing the caveman pose
 The kids and I have been trying to get out more, hiking is our way to get exercise, while enjoying nature. Fritz loves these hikes as well
Sage and her friend Erin
 Love having my brother and sis-in-law so close we get-together for dinners, play dates, often, Look at Rachels cute belly, only a few more weeks!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

LA weekend/volleyball

According to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit. —Titus 3:5
Phew what a weekend! First off Friday my parents and Jenny came to visit, overnight they had a engagement to go to here in San Diego, then Saturday we all went our separate ways. Us to LA Convention center for a three day volleyball tournament. 
Checking into hotel, we stayed in LA live, so we never had to drive we were able to walk to restaurants and the tournament. Perfect location, the little girls think staying at a hotel is thee best thing in the world! Momma does too, no cleaning, cooking! 

 Sadie setting up her cootie catcher station at hotel

Coco checking out the view

Of course John had the demo people circle the convention center all day, giving out Coco Libre!
 Now on to our star, Sage played so awesome, hard all weekend, her team did great.

 Little girls hanging in there, it's a long day at these games, 4-5 hours, of sitting.
Sadie and Chloe brought their "heel's" and skated every where, they were a hit
 We took the girls out every night to a nice dinner, they loved it
 So I've been promising them to one day take them to the American Girl store in LA, finally I decided to make good on my word. They went crazy, it was a little girls dream.

 Huh, which hair style to choose??

 So we made it to Monday the last day of the tournament it started great their team dominating, then our middle went out on a hurt ankle. Sage went up to spike the ball, and landed on her setter, she fell and didn't move! John swept her up and rushed her to the medical station. instantly her ankle swelled up.
 It looked so scary, we knew it was over, and the doctor there said take her to the emergency now. So John rushed back and packed up the hotel room. And off we went back home.
 Once at the hospital, they did ex rays, and found no break just a bad sprain. She's doing good, on crouches, then a boot, for total healing. She'll be out from volleyball for a while. This picture of the girls explains how we all felt once we go home, wiped out!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Girlfriends/Luke 2nd

With my whole heart I have sought You; oh, let me not wander from Your commandments! —Psalm 119:10

Lynda and her two girls came down this weekend to visit. Loved having them, all the girls were so content to have their buds with us. She took some amazing shots of our short time together. 
the crew walking to our favorite restaurant 
My little Coco is such a sweetie after greeting some elderly people she whispered to me mom I want to be a cook at an old peoples home! Melts my heart her love for others
Gracie and my girls
Sage and Hanna oh and fritz
 Saying goodbye, Sadie said wow this goodbye wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be, normally she cries and cries...
 Luke turned 2!!!! This little boy has been such a blessing, every time we see him, we all carry on like it's the first time. He has made me a auntie for the first time, and he'll always hold a special place in my heart. 
Johnny and his boy
Opening his gifts from us
 Little John finally isn't the only boy!
 We celebrated at the restaurant Little John works at
 Rachel and Johnny are such amazing parents, they put a whole new meaning to the term "helicopter parents" LOL
 It's his party….
 And we can't forget to make Chloe feel included, and special, especially when Luke is over.
 OK time to get going, house remodel, is going slow right now, waiting for a engineer, city permits, oh the boring stuff, well if anything it's teaching me patients.