Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Carpinteria 2014

A friend loves at all times,
and a brother is born for a time of adversity. Proverbs 17:17

Carpinteria 2014
 Skip and Lynda invited us to join them in Caprinteria for four nights of camping on the beach! Carp is a magical, beautiful beach town, that we love. Big John was in New York so he couldn't join us, we missed daddy so badly, wish he could have been there, but we had a great time visiting with friends, who are more like family. 
First time meeting Mollie, and yes I'll kiss any babe on the cheeks and head! (All great shots, are photo credit to Lynda) 
 Admiring Mollie
 Chelsie, Hanna, Gracie, Jack
 Jim so patient fishing with the kids
 Our boys who became men….

Making memories  is my mission with my kids, the nondescript days, pass and pass, but when we stop, and make a effort to make memories these are the moments we will remember. I'm so blessed to have such a great friend who makes the effort to make it happen. 
Chloe wanted straight hair so Gracie could see her new bangs! 
 Roadies with my kids I love it, makes me get away from my daily duties and enjoy them

 First morning, they joined the junior rangers and learned about the life inside a kelp bed.

 So much life living inside

 Their transportation most of the trip. They look up to Gracie so much.
 Hanna going after the waves, this girl can shred! So proud of her
 Ugh tried hard not to think to much about these two going off to college, and not being around after their last year of school.
 John and Kolbe took time to help their little sisters with crafts.
 These four are tight, I 'm so happy we've made the effort to keep them close
 Sage and her momma
 Treasured friendship

 Can't even begin to describe how wonderful the showers felt after being sandy and dirty from camping.
 This guy couldn't stay away even if he tried! Checking the waves!
 Bike rides on the beach cruisers after dinner, awesome
 Took big girls into town

 Saying goodbye, love you all so much and Thank God for your friendships till next time

Hope your all enjoying your summer vacations. I'm off to the park girls wanna ride their bikes. Love Shirley

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Prov. 31:30
Last day of school, always bittersweet, to leave behind a class, that the kids spend almost every day with. We were lucky this year to have such great teachers for the little girls. They both grew in confidence and academically. Sadie and Chloe have wanted to participate in the school talent show, so they performed their hip hop routine with their buddies. It was a smashing hit!
 Sage and coco
 My baby next year she will go till 2:30!!
 Ms. Rowe so sweet, patient
Sadie's teacher was awesome, a mom of twins Sadie's age, she was very understanding, loving. 
 Phew now that school is over let summer begin!
 First adventure….Disney Grand hotel
 We opted not to go to the park instead we got a room, and met my parents there. The pool all day was plenty of entertainment, and down town Disney at night! So fun
 That's me way up there, Sadie went down this slide about 20 times, no joke she dared me to as well
 Papa and grandma
 Sage's first beach tourney this summer. It was co-ed, she played great
 And wedding season has officially started…first client was stunning

 And finally we are finishing up things around the house, like re-doing the stairs in the backyard, planting plants back there it's a huge yard and super overwhelming at times!
 Stairs stained John did a awesome job using a lot of wood we had, so total cost for the project was around $375!!! I received a quote of 4,800. So sweat equity is the way to go.
 Before and after
Our guy is starting on the 6th!! We finally found "thee" guy to frame, I found him on another build, so I could see his work, he's great. John did the demo, he was warned how horrible and messy removing stucco can be, so we got a quote of $2,000, John did it himself with 3 dump runs of $27, we saved a ton!! Within a day it was done, Little John helped the whole time, John was so proud of his boy.

Saying goodbye, hate that part.
The girls got on a "bang" kick, so here they are, notice Chloe's straight hair? Well curly bangs don't really work!!! A few tears later, momma straightened so she would feel good. 
Zendaya came to the Del Mar fair, of course we had take Sadie and Chloe, Sage and Bubba wanted had to go!
 Auntie was up to the challenge of helping me out. We had to stand for over 2 hours, torture on our legs, we held the girls most of the time
 There will be many beach days this summer
 Coco's goal was to ride without training wheels so John and I took her to the park, and within a few minutes off she went! I've never saw such a thing…She's a natural
 The girls are obsessed with American Girl Dolls as you may know the clothes and accessory's are ridiculously expensive!! So Sadie researches how to make things for them and daddy builds!
 Oh Esther, thee cutest baby
 We may sell this house when were done, and this will be the inspiration for the next kitchen!! In love
Hope your all enjoying summer, Sage and I are off to get this momma a new bikini, she's gonna just "help" yeah right! Shirley