Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Life update. Vacation, flip home, real estate!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5
      Good morning wow I found 20 minutes to sit drink coffee and type!! Where do I begin???? After 21 years of being a "stay home momma" quotations because I always have done work inside the home, such as flipping, designing, and doing hair out of the house. But being home I've been 100% available to my kids needs. But wow has life changed in the last year, John and I have started our own business, I'm doing real estate full time, and a few design jobs on the side. The saying is true, choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life! I feel like I never stop, always going. At times I miss the quiet days at home, but what I do is so rewarding.
After selling our Blenkarne home we took the girls on a 10 day trip to Turks and Caicos we had a fabulous time. Three flights to South Caicos we stayed at the Sail Rock resort, we almost had the resort to ourselves, and miles of the Caribbean Ocean to explore. I was blown away by the water, it was so pure, clear! Vacation recharged us all but jumping back into reality was brutal! We had to set up our rental right away, I sold most of my furniture with the sale of our home. The week back John and I bought couches, dressers, rug's, a hutch, stools, outdoor furniture. I wanted to have the house set up quickly as we are always on the move we need a place of rest. The rental is brand new, and so cozy, we're very comfortable here.
Traveling with our daughters
 I cried flying over the Caribian thanking God for His blessings, how a girl from the reservation can be flying over the most beautiful ocean? Hard work, never giving up!
 We stayed at Sail Rock Resort on South Caicos it's voted one of the world small luxury resorts, it met all our expectations.

Day 1 we relaxed, ate, swam, napped was exactly what we needed 
 I have never seen such clear, crisp water really amazing
 21 years of marriage love this guy

 Johns such a great dad, I know our kids feel like their dad would do anything for them and always protect them.

 John got this shot, was not staged, ha
 I'll catch these two in a tight embrace, holding hands, their so sweet to each other, until their not!
 I love to travel with the kids, no distractions just quality time together
 Love this water!!!!!!
Our new project is a Modern Spanish design, were adding over 1,000 Sq. feet to the house, a detached garage with a roof top garage (Ocean views). It's at the end of a cul-de-sac, single story. John and I designed the lay out, Jim and my dad are partnering up with us again, so much fun to work with them. I have to order windows, doors, cabinets, counters, bathrooms, and all the furnishings. Timeline for the house is 4-5 months. It's been a week and I'm shocked how much the guys have done so far. I'm not able to physically be there like before.

The kitchen lay out of the new flip home were doing
 This is a big project!
 The crew Dad, Jim John

Real Estate has taken over my life, right now I have four listings, one more next month, a couple buyers. I'm truly having a blast! The last 6 months I worked on our last project house, once that sold in April, I put myself out there for listings, buyers. I'm so blessed, humbled, that clients trust me to sell their homes. I try to be different as an agent offering, staging, painting, landscaping, since I have a guy for anything, in about a week I can have a home ready for sale! Here are my current listings. My 4th is being photographed next week.

That's life lately, I'm flying today to Santa Rosa to help my best friend (since 4th grade) Haley who lost her home in the Tubb's fire, were picking out materials for her new home that's being built!!! So excited for her after such a devastating loss. Thanks for peeking in on my journey, have a blessed day Love, Shirley 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

That's a wrap!

But as for me, I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the lovingkindness of God forever and ever. Psalm 52:8
After 4 1/2 months working 6-7 days a week, we finished!!! Time to hang up my hardhat, gloves and put my real estate badge on. Jim, John, and I put everything into this renovation, we all play different roles on the project but we all have the same goal in mind...to put out the best quality, custom finishes, and beautiful design we can into each of our properties. The house turned out so amazing we're so proud of it.
Our two Olive trees that flank the property is our signature for each home, we love what they symbolize PEACE/VICTORY! 
My design philosophy is that every space of the home should be utilized, no wasted space! So many homes have large front yards, with nothing but grass, that no one ever uses! So we love adding front porch's to each property, with a custom concrete fireplace made by John. That way indoor/ outdoor living is achieved. 
 Love the beams accenting the bi-folding doors against the smooth, white, Santa Barbara stucco, it looks so good.
 The beams are exterior/interior
 The kitchen is the heart of the home I wanted it bright, clean, with custom touches through-out. We went with Carrera Marble again it's my 4th time using it and still my favorite. 
We did a custom vent hood cover, Jim fabricated, and put a charcoal plaster finish on it, accented with our reclaimed beams that we used through-out the entire house.  

 The dinning room is one of my favorite room, we put in the beams, the French doors,
 OK I lied this is my favorite room!! Looks smaller in pictures but its big and soooo cozy! I light a fire almost every night (sometimes in the day). When I was sourcing materials for the project I couldn't think of tile for the fireplace which was brick, I knew the design I wanted for the house was clean, modern with warm wood accents. So John suggested we finally do a concrete fireplace as we talked about so many times before. Jim and John got right to work in two days DONE! I absolutely love it.
    Brass dome light so good!
We needed railing for our limestone stairs, I showed Jim a picture of what I wanted he did such a great job. 
Backyard-John usually takes on hard scape and landscaping he knocked it out of the park! 
 I've always wanted to have a simple, clean, lap pool. We did it in a smooth charcoal concrete to go with all the other concrete finishes. It has a powerful heater heating up to *104 in about two hours!

The deck took up most of the backyard, so we cut it back about 10 feet. refinished it. 
I wanted to do a mini vineyard and raised garden beds again. 
 The master bedroom

 Master bathroom, I made a mood board for this bathroom, I wanted subway tile, brass accents, wood, limestone floors, metal.
Put it all together and here ya go!


So fun to re-do a green carpeted, 1974 bathroom! I choose subway in a herringbone pattern which the guys were thrilled to install! Ha so tedious
 Black, bead board covers the other side

 Bedroom We added 4 sliding barn doors to the house, this one is covering a closet

 We added this space, behind the wall was a lot of wasted space...
 Bedroom this bedroom has a balcony with limestone, we added the French door, 9 inch wide oak engineered hardwood flooring through-out top floor 
In every house I add custom closets, this one we did a sweet little nook. I choose barn doors to cover the closet

 Thanks for visiting my blog I always promise to update more often, but honestly these last 4 1/2 months every second was taken. Now that the house is done I'm looking forward to gaining new real estate clients buying or selling. I have a couple listings coming soon, and hopefully many more!
I'm already dreaming about the next renovation, I'm going to do a modern Spanish design, which may require a trip to Spain, Greece, and Italy!!!! Inspiration picture