Our Family

Our Family

Friday, September 11, 2015

Little John NAU!

"Sons are a heritage from The Lord, children a reward from Him" Psalms 127:3

The time had come to take Little John to Northern Arizona University, this day seemed so far off, for so long, then all of a sudden here it was! John and I took John to Arizona, leaving the little girls in their auntie and uncles care. I wanted this time to be focused on Little John, to set his dorm up, and make him feel comfortable in his new environment. 
Before we left to Arizona we printed off a list a mile long of what he would need for college, Ikea checked a lot of his dorm items off the list. 
 The morning of....We sat outside and drank coffee, trying to avoid the goodbye that was coming for  sisters and him. It was good at first then, the tears started. Oh it broke my heart seeing them all cry together. Knowing that life was changing in that very moment. Our boy, he's so level headed, joyful, sweet, helpful.

A couple days before he left we went to Lego Land with some friends, I was all packed up ready to go out the door with the little girls when he said hey I want to go! I knew normally he wouldn't want to go but during the last week, he made a effort to stay home and spend as much time with us. 
 This right here is what I miss thee most, he loves his sisters and they adore him, never lacking in cuddle time.
 These two..when Sage was born I have a video of Little John seeing her for the first time, he bent down and asked in his sweet two year old voice, "Is she my best friend?" I said, "Yes buddy she's your best friend!"
So we arrived in Flagstaff, wow what a amazing place! A hidden jewel in Arizona, everyone kept saying it's going to be so hot there. Nope Flagstaff is in the mountains, with thee most amazing sky I've ever seen! Huge clouds would roll in and rain would pour then just like that blue sunny sky again. 

 We moved him in a day early before the huge crowds came, so happy we got that chance, it went seamless, we organized his dorm and made it so cool. The next day the actual move in day was mayhem! So many parents, kids, cars, not to mention the rain! We took that time to check out the campus, drink coffee, eat, people watch.
 Opening his dorm room for the first time
Getting settled in, he was first in his room so got to choose the best spot. 
 Sniff, sniff, almost time to say goodbye
 Dad and his boy
 After three days in Flagstaff it was time to day goodbye, I tried to hold it in, I did good until I got in the car, I lost it and called Little John, he calmly reassured me he was fine! Haha I knew he was fine it was me that was a wreck. On the way home I must have texted him about 20 times, I sent him baby pictures, reminisced, cried all the way home. It was a hurt in my chest I've felt a few times when I lost close relatives. I kept reminding myself that it's not a loss, he'll be having the time of his life. Made me think of parents who've lost children, I honestly couldn't even imagine the hurt, pain.
About 20 miles outside of Flagstaff there was a sign to Sedona, I've never been so he decided on the spot sure lets check it out.... Rounded a corner and OMG!!! Those red mountains took my breath away! I'm like my dad when I appreciate something, I can't get over it, John was laughing cause I kept saying oh my gosh! It's so beautiful. Very spiritual there, the Native Americans have lived here for thousands of years, their presents is everywhere.

 We just kept driving.. Right into a hale storm that almost caused us to go off a cliff! I screamed at John to pull over we could no longer even see the road! We waited it out then finished our loop all the way back to NAU! A three hour detour we popped out right back at Little Johns college. I called him he thought we'd be at least half way home by now, nope right out side your dorm. We just laughed about it and hit the road again!
All four kids are back in school. I'm enjoying the house quiet again, I schedule my clients while girls are in school, try to squeeze in a workout, cleaning, laundry, and meal prep. I call Little John at least once a day, and a few texts. Miss him so much, but life does go on, and I have a few visits already planned so that helps! Alright time to get going, Love you 

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