Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cancun 2015

Cancun 2015, we decided to pack up and take a fun summer vacation. Little John will be leaving soon for NAU so we wanted to squeeze in a few more memories before he leaves. We went back and forth all of June and July wondering if we should just do a road trip up the coast to San Fransisco stopping along the coast, I started booking this trip and quickly realized that with each hotel costing anywhere between $300-500 a night, that we might as well book a tropical vacation. This time I wanted to do a all inclusive resort, where all activities and food are included! I didn't want to be in the middle of all the resorts in Cancun, so I choose a resort away from it all. It was so beautiful, quiet, relaxing, everything I wanted it to be. 
This dock was right out side of the resort we would swim to it, and jump off, even Coco. We kinda started something soon people from the resort were walking over and jumping off. 
Day two
 we decided to catch a ferry to Isla Mujeres, (the white Island) That's our resort in the background. 
Once off the ferry we hired a father and son to take us around the island on their boat, Such a fabulous time, we jumped off the boat and snorkeled, so many beautiful fish. The water in the Caribbean is crystal clear, and the sand is pure white, so amazing! The weather was very hot, but bearable, the water very warm. 

The town was bustling with locals selling their wares, and so much yummy food.
On the Island 
A spot we jumped off the boat, fed the fish and swam. 
What a privilege to experience fun adventures with the kids, I remember telling them all how luck they are to get to do things like this. unforgettable. 
Oh just a few sharks swimming around
Baby turtle Sage was obsessed
Ugh can I just go back???

Coco and bubba getting off the ferry 
This sweet little girl captured our hearts, she was selling bracelets, she followed us around she had such a great personality, even though we couldn't understand each other a smile goes a long way! 
Sadie cooling off with the locals! 
Oh the fresh food!! Fish, coconut, fruit, I was so full the whole trip!

OK so... after a wonderful time on the Island, we had about an hour to kill, we went to a local beach where the water was so amazing, Sadie and I were commenting how blessed and excited we were when.....we noticed something moving on the bottom, it looked just like seaweed! But it was defiantly out of place? So I called Sage over and told her I thought it was an animal, she wanted to assure Sadie and I that it was just sea weed!!!! So she went down to grab it! She thought it would be funny to throw it at Sadie's face and chest, where it bounced off her onto my back! We both started to scream bloody murder! It was a jelly fish that instantly stung both of us severely! Long story short we all hopped in to a cab led by a three police motorcade escort to the hospital! Pretty much third world conditions, no one spoke English, and no one knew what to do. Sadie was pretty hysterical and welts were covering her whole face, and chest, my back was stinging and welted as well. I looked over at Sage at this point and realized that her hand must have got stung too, she started crying after trying to keep it all in feeling horrible for throwing it at us. The doctor wanted to hook Sadie up to Iv's and give her four bags of medication! At this point I looked up Jelly fish stings and read that all we needed was Benadryl and vinegar. So we quickly packed up our stuff thanked them and rushed to get our taxi! Phew once on the ferry we were so relived to get back to our resort! Our welts finally went down and we soon forgot all about the horrible experience. Life is about perception and how we choose to deal with situations, you can dwell on the negative or look to the positive, I try to teach my kids this daily! No complaining, no negativity. Two things I hate!

The resort, we played a lot of beach volleyball bummed I didn't get any pictures of that, we met a super nice family that challenged us so fun! 
Our boy leaving us soon, well miss him so much!

John and I 
Sage and John paddle boarding 

Pina coladas on tap! Look how dark Sadie got 
Food for days
Just what was needed
Travel is half the fun, we did have a few delays, and missed one flight, but again it's about perception and dealing with it! 
My travel buddies

Our room was so fantastic two hammocks on the balcony John and I had our own room, Sage and John their own, and the girls on a Murphy bed in the huge living room, washer dryer, a kitchen and three bathrooms!!
My girl
Bubba!! These two are going to have a really hard time without him!

John and I were asked to participate at the resort for a men's verses women's trivia game, there literally was no body there to watch the show so we said yes!!!! Low and behold once the show started it was absolutely packed!!!! The kids laughed so hard, John had to dress as a women and dance infant of the packed audience! My voice went out I never laughed so hard in my life!

Tired from sun, food, fun!
John and I celebrated our 19th anniversary there at the resort we got a couples massage with chocolate strawberries. We told each other all that we appreciated in one another, and our hopes for the future, was very special. After our massages we wanted the kids to be treated as well, so we got them all spa treatments.

Bubs well miss you more than you know, your spirit is so wonderful, your love so deep. 

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