Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

He's 18!!

Oh, how great is Your goodness, which You have laid up for those who fear You. —Psalm 31:19
My baby turned 18!! Don't ask me how or why, I'm still in shock. It's so bittersweet thinking of him not being home just hurts. But I guess that's the goal of parenting that they will be able to stand on their own. He requested ribs, scalloped potatoes, for his birthday dinner. Papa and grandma Hess and Jim came down to celebrate.
Felt like a baby cow was in my kitchen!
These two are super close
 Uncles generous gift of cash and smoked salmon, Lil J had to hide it from us!
 Esther! Love her
Chloe received a award for respect sums up my sweet, feisty, smart little baby 
OK so on the 30th my sis mentioned she was going on a road trip for my uncle Merv's 58th surprise birthday party! She called and informed me she was leaving in the next hour....I called John and he gave me his blessing, I jumped in as fast as I could. It was a blast spending time with family, I felt like a teenager again! 
My three aunties and cousins. Love them more than they know 

The birthday boy with four of his 5 kids. Best father any one could ask for those Hess men are 100% devoted fathers, always there for their children. Merv is a blessing to our family and community he's the Tribal Administer for our tribe.
My dad already left the party so he's missing as well as two uncles that already passed on to the next life. My grandma Barb was one amazing women to have raised such amazing children, all are hard working, loving, great parents. I'm blessed to have them all.
My cousin Reese love her
And the women behind the surprise party my uncles long time girlfriend Rita, she's so capable is all she does. A real go getter
Uncle Jack, timeless cowboy, never ages! and Emma love you
My sisters my best friends
Seems like I've been i the kitchen a lot these days trying new recipes, my sweet friend showed Sage how to make spring rolls. She makes a bunch then refrigerates them for the week.

Even this man like them...
Alright time to water my garden throw in a load of wash, and get ready for little girls to get home. It's in the 80's today so off to the beach we shall go! Love ya all, Shirley

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