Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Psalms 136:1

Thanksgiving 2015
Little John was suppose to come home Tuesday night, but we convinced him to come home Sunday evening instead! I picked him up at the airport, my heart leaped seeing my boy come through security. Missed him so much. First morning back we sat on the porch and cuddled. 
 We wanted him to have at least two nights at home then off to Bishop, for Thanksgiving. Long car ride we packed into the car like sardines. Loved having them all together, like old times!
 Sadie was concerned about Fritzy so she was in charge of walking him, at each stop.
 We always begin our mornings in Bishop with a walk in the desert. Such a blessing to see snow on the mountains, last year at this time they were completely barren, it was depressing. So thankful.
 Friday morning we went for another hike in the mountains, beautiful.
 Our cousin Resse came with, love this girl, she's like our little sister. This spot is special, I had the ladies grab a huge rock and do squats, arms, wow amazing to be looking over the Sierras.
Momma with her girls! 
 Oh love at first sight, my cousin Jackie had a precious little boy, didn't want to let him go! 
 Chloe making pancakes at grandmas, this girl is special, she is a pleasure to just hang out with. Honestly, Chloe at times can feel like my dearest friend.
 Bingo night! Every year after Thanksgiving we have all our family over to play Bingo, so much fun. John Mc's the games, oh man never knew how funny my hubby is!
 Rachel and weezy
 I had to jump in the shot, we love him so much.
 Getting the last finishing touches on dinner.
 The purple Princess Grammy, she's so unique, funny, witty, and extremely intelligent.
 My two aunties, beautiful.
 Can't wait till my brother has kids, my kids just love their uncle, he'll be thee best!
What a great 2015 Thanksgiving. 
John went to a clippers game last Sunday, I kept asking him for clues to where he was sitting, once he let me know he was in every shot on TV. Kids and I laughed we couldn't miss daddy! 
Alright time to squeeze in a workout then wash car, and grocery shop. Have a blessed day, Love Shirley 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Chloe's 7th/ Visit to Flagstaff/ Sage Homecoming!

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. —nkjv Proverbs 3:6

Lots going on with this post! First Chloe turned 7 over the summer. She is thee sweetest little girl, so smart, and super quick! She surprises me daily with her intuition, she KNOWS.....
 Chloe plan's her birthdays about a year in advance, so it was a blessing when it finally came! She wanted a 50's theme, we had 50's music playing the girls danced so cutie.
 Everyone got to make their own mini pizza
 I honestly loved seeing little girls dressed in skirts, so feminine they all felt so pretty

 The girls

 Happy birthday Chloe as the song that Grandma wrote you goes
"Chloe your so Glowy a little ray of sunshine are you, Chloe it's so true "
 This girl is on fire! So many things going on, photography class, year book class, as well as all the other non-important classes! She got chosen today to be one of 5 kids in thee whole junior class to be part of the college bound program, She'll be touring many and working super hard to get her grades just so. So proud of my girl.
 So a couple weekends ago John and I took the girls to visit their bubba at college. Just the girls and I drove to Flagstaff then picked daddy up in Phoenix at the airport. Sage drove through the border patrol, which was a little scary for her. The officers were nice which put her at ease.
Anyway we knocked on bubba dorm room, and he swooped up both little girls in his arms, and let out thee biggest sigh I 've ever heard! Oh jeez now I'm crying! But honestly it was so amazing to see our boy.
 How it should be!
Flagstaff for many of you many not know is so beautiful, high up in the mountains at 7,000 feet the air is so crisp. We enjoyed our weekend, got to see a Lumberjack game, they beat Montana! Was neat seeing little John say hello to many students and introducing his family.
 My everything
 Saturday morning we attempted to hike as family, but after about 15 minutes the elevation went to 10,000 feet, it kicked Sadie and my butt, our hearts were racing, Sadie started to feel sick. So we turned around.

Sage loved seeing John
Back home the girls ditched school again to go apple picking. We had a great time with my buddy Summer and her kids. 

 Sage Homecoming 2015! We hosted everyone at our house John cooked a huge yummy meal, and I did hair for hours!

 Sage and Adrian so sweet, this is Adrians senior year

So lots of progress on the house, we finished stuccoing all of the house, planters, outside, everything is crisp clean white, smooth stucco, looks great, we also re-sodded the front yard. No more dirt in the front! So happy 
Oh excuse my client on a phone call on balcony. 

The little girls moved back upstairs into bubba room

My mamma and Daddy came to visit, so fun this long, hot, humid summer were having doesn't seem to end! This only means lots of beach days!

Ok glad I finally got to share what's been going on around here, looking forward to Bishop for Thanksgiving! Love you all, Shirley