Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kauai 2014

Kauai Vacation 2014
After a year of house projects, and John working so hard all year, also this being our last year with Little John before he leaves to college we took the kids to Kauai for 7 days. Let the adventure begin! 
 I love traveling with my kids, they love adventure, being old enough to take their own bags helps so much.
 Sadie oh Sadie she loves to travel, she leads the pack, even when she has no idea where were going!

 The air, the smells of tropical flowers renewed us all
 Loved spending the days at the beach then going for a nice dinner
 Hawaiian time…Nobodys in a rush, ever! Even the air seems so still, the waves gently crashing, reminds me of the scripture "Be still and know that I'm God" In my heart the whole time I was thanking our creator for his creation, so perfect.
 John and Sage needed this time to reconnect, laugh and just be kids again together

 Before leaving Sage and I tried to map out some places we wished to visit, a local farmers market was on our list. First thing was some yummy coconuts we drank the water then ate the meat
 Ohh the secret roads, off the beaten tourist path, is where you find the gem spots!!!

 It was pouring rain but we found thee spot, we put on our snorkel gear and tore off our clothes, the water was crystal blue
Our view
 My best friend
 Sadie fell in love with the Ukulele our guide on a hiking trip let her play the whole hike
 Chickens are everywhere!!!!
 My loves

 So grown up!

 Our leader, I'm so blessed to be married to a man who is always able, caring, protecting us all.
 One of our funnest days was a jeep ride to the North shore Princeville it was raining cat and dogs, but we didn't care, we stopped at many amazing swimming spots and jumped in.

 Tunnels beach, we actually spotted Bethany Hamilton and her husband, with their dogs, we tried to chase them but lost them, so we went on instgram and saw where she was. Kinda a fun adventure, but decided to stop chasing her and go about our day!

 OHHH the salt ponds so amazing crystal clear water we thought we were being smart and went super far from all the tourist, but low and behold within an hour we were spotted, they all made the trek over to the amazing spot we had:((
 Words can't describe how much our family needed this time together, we laughed, played and just let loose

 Sadie girl is so full of adventure

 The girls before their hula lesson they pretended that I just happened to find two Native Hawaiian girls in the reeds

 Feeding the Koi

Loved not cooking, cleaning, still work with so many but a vacation all the same
 A gum tree

 We decided to be cheesy and go to a "traditional" Luau
What was done to the Hawaiian people is honestly too painful for me to understand, the greed of people, the desire to convert their traditions, and take away everything that they have known is wrong! And if you read about it shocking how it was not very long ago. Justice needs to prevail! Just like with us Native Americans a very similar story.
 My honey

 Girls were more than willing to go up stage and show off their hula skills
Hanalei Bay oh how beautiful you are! 

 We all let loose on the pier all except Chloe jumped off

 I recommend watching "The Descendants" with Gorge Clooney, this was a house used in the film

 OK so Sage basically mapped out our trip, daily it was, "I know where I want to go"….One stop was the queens bath, only problem, many locals said oh no can't go there in the winter too dangerous but Sage was bent on going so the last day we made it happen.
 The hike wasn't easy with our flip-flops and rain, super muddy I stayed back a bit with Chloe, Sage and Little John jumped right in
 Sign says it all

 I slid down a hill with Chloe causing my ankle to bleed, Sage's toe got bashed! Dangerous indeed, but worth it!
 The Common grounds
 Literally a few hours before our plane left, we squeezed in as much as possible

 At eh airport little girls finally got their lays. We loved every minute of the trip.
It was good to go and good to be home, we live in our own paradise here. We arrived back in LAX at 6:00A.M so yesterday we slept and took it easy, today was a different story, I just sat down and it's about 11. Clients, drop offs, pickups, school play…Tired, love you all thanks for letting me share our Kauai adventure, Love Shirley

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