Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Railing, and visits

It's been a while I know just so busy, with kids, school, house, you name it, just not enough hours in a day. We finally put up our railing that's been taking up most of our garage for over two months!! I painted it, that took up most of my weekends, 3 coats of primer, then three coats of the black metal paint. Being so close to the ocean, metal rusts easy so we tried to protect it as much as possible.  
I love the way the railing turned out. I wanted steel cable, John wanted metal, so this was a compromise for both of us. Jim flew in for the weekend to help us put it up. Sooooo Thankful for my sweet, capable, kind, smart, brother. What seemed like a huge, big, heavy, deal to us he made it so simple, and fast. 

It was good to see little John out there helping the whole time. Ugh my baby not ready for next year, this blog might turn into a shrine to him when he leaves for college.
Things are coming along slow but steady around here, we have a block wall being built as I type. I'll take pictures soon, we have a wall that our fence will sit on top. Then a lower planter wall in front to hold bamboo. We are trying to build a fortress around us. As many of you know a few neighbors have a lot of unsightly junk laying around so we are doing our best to block it out. Still haven't stained the front doors, but I do have a plan!! Can't wait. Still need to put back some base boards upstairs so that's my next project. Also this weekend I'm going to clean out the garden and plant some garlic, and onions.

My sis-n-law's mother Danielle came to visit her grand babies, Luke and Esther. She is thee sweetest, intelligent, kind person you'll ever meet. So happy to have her in the family.
My folks came for the weekend to meet Danielle. We had a very blessed weekend. 

Papa and the babies
Momma!!! I miss living next door to you both so much, the love you and dad have could fill a ocean. Miss you every day, as you can tell from my multiple phone calls a day, just to hear your voices.
Made the kids breakfast and wanted to capture this moment. The little girls just adore their bubba.
Sage's 2014 volleyball photo, my golden beauty
Sage is one of the most diligent, committed girl out there. Love her so much, and her love for Christ shines from within her. She's not willing to compromise
Uncle Jim, what a surprise…..Esther has screamed and cried every time I've held her, but low and behold uncle visits for the first time and she's in love! FYI Esther is over her crying, she now loves auntie too! 
I remember my uncles holding, teaching, me so to see these two reminds me how important men are needed in families lives more than ever!
Rachel, wow what a mother. She adores her babies, and takes excellent care of them.
My brothers and me. All my siblings are my best friends.
OK times up got to get girls early from school, Sage has a volleyball game, then I'm making linguine pesto tonight, fresh ingredients from garden! Be blessed today, Shirley

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