Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quick getaway

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. —Psalm 119:105 A freak wind storm blew into Washington, knocking a huge pine tree into my parents house. So Jim to the rescue, he is such a blessing to our family, so strong capable. The roof caved in and a lot of interior, structural damage was done. Jim makes putting it back together so easy! I got a call Tuesday night from Jim saying hey why don't you fly down here…So by Wednesday around 2, there I was all by my self getting picked up by my parents and Jim!! 5days 4 nights. We had so many laughs, great memories.
Daddy and me
 The area is just beautiful.
 Papa keeps these 6 stones in his truck representing all of his grand kids
 Jim and dad fixing the house
 sucha stud
 I finally got the chance to visit with my beautiful cousin Sharon, and see the twins!!!
 Grandpa and Winston
 My momma and her niece Violet
 William, he's turning into a young man…So handsome
 Seth, Auntie Becky, Sharon and her husband Steven
 Sharon…I was 8 when she was born, I packed her around, doted on her. Now to see her as a amazing wife, mother, she is so sweet to her babies, she's always telling them that their so beautiful, smart, etc.
 Jim and Winston
 Such cute, funny babies.

 Seth, my cousin, love him and his huge heart, one day this guy is going to be thee best husband/father, he has so much love to give
 Missing Jordan, Michelle and Gabe, Sarah.
 And my new cousin Sophie Adams wife, she is so lovely, smart, sweet person, so happy for Adam, it's cute to watch them, their so in love!
 Claire Bear,  Violet Sharon's girls
 William and Auntie
Momma, thanks for your beautiful heart, so peaceful, wise, love you thanks for everything!
 Cousin time
 Dad, Adam, Jim, and my uncle Rand
 Uncle Rand is my aunties husband, he has a heart as big as the ocean.

 So happy us girls got to escape for awhile and do some fun girly things!
 Sharon and her prince charming Steven, what a gift from God, he is so capable, always tending to his families needs.
 My time in Washington flew…. Back right in the nick of time before school started. Here's John and Sage sophomore and my senior! Love these two, I couldn't be prouder.
 The little girls…3rd grade and a 1st grader.

 Sage made the JV volleyball team, and is a caption!! First game on the first day of school. They killed it!
 Wow to have the house for the first time in many years to my self, crazzzzyyyy!! I'm like a kid in a candy store! Except this kid has to clean, laundry, walk the dog, squeeze in a workout, and run many errands, then pick the kids up, homework, dinner, baths, reading, then do it all over again! I'm a blessed women, and I'm so grateful to have a husband who supports us so that I'm able to stay home with them, and be here when they need me.
The girls tea party with Fritz and American dolls! 
OK time to finish another load, then run to get girls, be blessed today, Shirley 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chloe's b-day

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. – Psalm 139:13-14
Chloe turned 6 yesterday! Can't believe my baby is growing so fast, she wanted a family dinner of Chinese food, and a night of bowling! 
My two sisters 
 Rachel and Johnny so blessed to have these two close by
 Watching Esther grow she's such a sweety, always gives the best smiles
 Chloe getting ready to open her gifts
 Clearly stocked on money
 Big sister reading her cards
 Rachel and her princess these two are so close
 essy getting tired
 Chloe's first time bowling she loved it

 Going to church, Love my kids so much
 The party didn't stop, second day she wanted roller skating! It was bumpy in the beginning but then she got the hang of it, Sadie was a natural
 Beautiful, sweet, stubborn, kind, helpful, Chloe! Happy birthday my baby
 Front of the house is going great we have white stucco going up as I type, it's a process should be done sometime next week. Then our steel railing will go up, then time to stain the doors. Inside I need drywall repair, and paint. Happy it's almost over, although I love to have projects going on….. Shirley

Monday, August 4, 2014

House, volleyball, family

The grace of God . . . abounded to many. —Romans 5:15

Today is John and my 18th Anniversary, I can truly say it gets better every year, I respect, admire him more every day. He's my best friend 
I've enjoyed this summer..Lots of mini vacations, house remodel, beach volleyball, relaxing days at home. The little girls and I went to Bishop to attend a friends funeral, she passed away from a brain aneurism at the age of 35. Leaving behind a young son. Shocking to say the least….. Was great to see friends and family, coming from a small town, you know many people, someone is always passing, while others are being born. That's life, hard to understand, especially when people pass so young, in their prime.
Our house exterior remodel is going great, we just finished up with a crew of two, who came to work daily three weeks in a row! I found them working on another job, we got so lucky, blessed with Dan. He was so consistent, and absolutely amazing. We had no problems, the budget was the budget, nothing "came up". Would hire him back in a heart beat. Now we have stucco, railing, and fences to do then front will be done. Although we do love projects, I think we as well as the kids are ready for somethings to be DONE!
Sage has been playing volleyball almost weekly, we've had many, many beach days because of this, which I love, gets me out of the house. Little John has a new job washing windows, not just any windows, mansions!! He was asked to stay on at one amazing house as a waiter (when they entertain), also help clean out a attic! Well see how that goes!! John is working harder than ever, such a amazing provider, couldn't ask for a better husband. Chloe and Sadie are enjoying the endless swim sessions, playdates. So far Chloe learned to ride her bike, do the monkey bars, swim under water. Very eventful! Sadie is reading chapter books, mind craft, any craft…. I haven't had any time to myself this summer usually I try to have girls go to Bishop for a week, hasn't happened yet hopeful in a week or so… MOM and DAD you reading this?!!?! Alright that's all I got. Love Shirley

The progress so far, we hated the curb appeal (it had zero)! The roof line was pitched we wanted flat, there are two other houses next to us that are shaped the same. We wanted out! 
Trying to save where we could we stained the tongue and groove, all the wood 
 Before and semi complete, now stucco, railing next
Inside was dark, no lighting in living room, and dinning. Let there be light"

The crew Every day at 7 a.m 

Our doors, some don't "get" them, we adore them, still need to be stained and sealed, Picture doesn't do justice they are huge! Got to imagine pure white stucco, inside and out, to fully get it.
Our mini vacation to Bishop
On Grandma and papa's boat, Memories, lighting and rain cut it short 
 Had lunch at the retirement home with grandma Joanna
 Papa and the two babies
 Our dear friends came to visit had all three kids for 4 days was so fun.

 Just returned from a  Santa Barbara beach v-ball tourney, we stayed at the Biltmore so amazing the natural beauty of SB blows me away every time, have to wonder why we ever moved from there???? The coach and I drove the 6 girls up, what a amazing group of young ladies, there's hope in our youth after all. The beauty in the middle is coach Noel, so dedicated, sweet with the girls they all adore her!
 Sage and momma

 My girl
 Although they really didn't win these meddles, it was fun to pretend!
 I took this shot of Carrie Walsh at the US world series, amazing talent!
 These two are good sports, cheering their big sis on
Bubba, Kolbe, and Garrette 
 Last night we had a family dinner for Rachel who turned 36!!! Love her
OK the dishes, laundry are all calling out my name, Shirley