Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Being choosy

All things work together for good to those who love God. —Romans 8:28

Look at these cuties Haley's 2 boys and my little girls. 
Haley and I met in the 4th grade, and have stayed friends since. I love this girl she's such a amazing person, with a heart of gold. And to see her as a momma, completely devoted, loving, is awesome. Looking forward to growing old together, even though we live far apart, we hold each other in our hearts. 
 We took the kids to Legoland
 These two look like they could be twins

 Sadie and Chloe take a hip hop class weekly, it's so cute to watch. As a family we went to their performance, Sage and John were completely shocked that their little sisters could hip and hop!!! The girls won't show us their moves at home, so to see them on a huge stage giving it all they got, John and Sage couldn't stop laughing, huge smiles on their faces, so proud of their sissy's.

 Me and mine
 My sis n law had a birthday, she's a wonderful mother, and a blessing to our family. Love you Rach
 Sage had a two day tournament in LA, she played so great, very proud of her

 Take a look at our deck for the last time our PERMITS WERE APPROVED!!!! Staring work next week! Can't tell you what a lesson in patients I learned! 4 long months of waiting!
We moved bubbas room, and bought new furniture for him, it's furniture he'll take to college, sob…..

 Hippie day
OK time to get with it, slow morning today, enjoying way to much coffee, had a great talk with John and Sage about relationships, taking the time to really be picky with who you choose to spend time with, and maybe start a relationship with. It's a touchy subject trying not to teach being judgmental against others, but to see the character traits in others. How mistakes, and wrong choices can lead to life long struggles, heartache's, and it's all avoidable if you step back, pray, and seek God in all matters. Not to be lead by emotions, but with your mind, and heart. Love you Shirley

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