Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Life experiences

The Earth is the Lords, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. Psalms 24:1

Life experiences.. Little John and Sage got to recently go to New York, John and I want them to broaden their horizons, learn about our world, not just our city limits. They met up with my cousin Jordon while there, he showed them around. Jordon is a free spirit, such a unique sweet heart. Thanks for letting your little cousins tag along, they really enjoyed spending time with you. 
Sage and John in the concrete jungle. John loved the city, while Sage on the other hand enjoys nature, beach, freedom. After a few days she was ready to come home. Poor girl her feet were all bloody from blisters.

Carriage ride through Central Park 
Dinner with Jordy 
On the other hand my sisters and I spent time together, we took the little girls to downtown's new water park, 

And thrift store shopping
Scored this dress that was made in Greece, $12, it's super cute, just looks crinkled cause I was sitting
 And this dress, $14, Chloe was taking pictures of Sadie and I cooking a yummy chicken noodle soup, for bubba he got his wisdom teeth pulled, poor babes is in a lot of pain.
 Rachel Ray recipe
All the while the whole city was ablaze, thankfully we were out of harms way. Really a scary time for many, schools were evacuated, many homes lost. So grateful for the firefighters, and their tireless work to put the flames out.

This weekend John and I put on our address numbers on the new mail box….. Both pictures are the wrong address!!!! Poor John was rushing throughout the project and I was pre occupied in the backyard to notice. When I was called to take a look, I noticed the first time the numbers were wrong...
Then again was called to take a look, I thought he corrected them, so nice work honey back to my project….Then Little John comes home from the beach, and yells from outside hey wrong address dad!! So back out the third time to fix!!! Live and learn.
Ok time to muck out our room, permits are getting really close to being approved, FINALLY!! three months later its just crazy, how the "third" person we hired is dragging his feet, lesson learned better to do things on your own! Alright love you, Shirley

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