Our Family

Our Family

Monday, April 21, 2014


He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. —Matthew 28:6

We had a great, special, meaningful Easter 2014. Hinting at what the kids might want in their Easter baskets, Sage said, "All I want this year is a purity ring" Wow for a 14 year old to request that, of course John and I jumped. We went to a beautiful Italian dinner, then shopped for the kids Easter baskets, and Sages ring. John typed up something off the computer, and he presented her a ring. There were a few tears shed. And we made sure the little girls got to witness something very special. Sage has made a promise to God, her parents, to stay pure until her wedding day. I want to make it clear this is something she came to on her very own. Of course that is my desire for all my girls, but she has her own strong desire to stay a virgin, pure until God brings her the "one". The little girls were so giddy, it's something they will hopefully get to experience one day. 
Bubba and his little sisters opening their baskets. 
 Fritz wishing he was in on it as well!
 Then as a family we made doughnuts. 
 Sadie and Bubba received birthday presents from Grandma Cindy, thanks you. Today is Sadie's 8th birthday!!!! She is so excited, we will be taking the little girls to Disney Land Thursday!! Prayers…..

 Then a egg hunt

WE heard about Belmont Park in San Diego, and decided to take kids there for the day. Chloe and I sat out the big roller coaster, as Chloe was to short. Love my family so much
 Oh where do I begin, life is changing, these two are growing up into beautiful young adults. I cried this morning watching Bubba drive the little girls to school, knowing that in a year he'll be at college, not here. One less pile of laundry to fold, one less month to feed, BUT one less child to love, delight in, daily. Every morning, night he gives me the biggest smile, hug. Sage and I went on a walk yesterday, I can't imagine her gone as well, she's my best friend, confidant, ugh life is short. All my kids are so special to me.

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  1. You are such an awesome beautiful family! Praise God for you all, and your gorgeous girl asking for a purity ring! What a witness!!! My senior year of high school someone gave me one...I was dating my now husband at the time--what a gift! Reading your blog is always such an inspiration!