Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 27, 2014

LA weekend/volleyball

According to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit. —Titus 3:5
Phew what a weekend! First off Friday my parents and Jenny came to visit, overnight they had a engagement to go to here in San Diego, then Saturday we all went our separate ways. Us to LA Convention center for a three day volleyball tournament. 
Checking into hotel, we stayed in LA live, so we never had to drive we were able to walk to restaurants and the tournament. Perfect location, the little girls think staying at a hotel is thee best thing in the world! Momma does too, no cleaning, cooking! 

 Sadie setting up her cootie catcher station at hotel

Coco checking out the view

Of course John had the demo people circle the convention center all day, giving out Coco Libre!
 Now on to our star, Sage played so awesome, hard all weekend, her team did great.

 Little girls hanging in there, it's a long day at these games, 4-5 hours, of sitting.
Sadie and Chloe brought their "heel's" and skated every where, they were a hit
 We took the girls out every night to a nice dinner, they loved it
 So I've been promising them to one day take them to the American Girl store in LA, finally I decided to make good on my word. They went crazy, it was a little girls dream.

 Huh, which hair style to choose??

 So we made it to Monday the last day of the tournament it started great their team dominating, then our middle went out on a hurt ankle. Sage went up to spike the ball, and landed on her setter, she fell and didn't move! John swept her up and rushed her to the medical station. instantly her ankle swelled up.
 It looked so scary, we knew it was over, and the doctor there said take her to the emergency now. So John rushed back and packed up the hotel room. And off we went back home.
 Once at the hospital, they did ex rays, and found no break just a bad sprain. She's doing good, on crouches, then a boot, for total healing. She'll be out from volleyball for a while. This picture of the girls explains how we all felt once we go home, wiped out!

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