Our Family

Our Family

Friday, September 13, 2013


Were off to a great 2013 school year, kids seem to be adjusted to waking up early, doing chores, packing lunches, and off they all go! After drop offs I get 3 whole hours to myself, which I use to get a workout in, fold at least one load, shower then time to get Chloe! 
 Chloe's a Kindergarten now.....Bittersweet
 Not to sure about momma leaving her
 Luke our baby, we love him so much, when he comes through the door, we all are scampering for his attention.
 He loves his cousins
 This stud came last weekend to visit, always a treat to have him

And of course Jim can't visit without helping out with one of our crazy projects! 
 Love watching Bubba out there with the men, helping out
When we bought this house we knew right away that the fencing would have to be replaced, so slowly but surely were inching our way around! all fencing will be the same, right now there's about five different ugly fences. 

We needed some privacy from the street, this weekend we are going to have dirt brought in, and trees plants, John's going for a tropical paradise look.

 The reason for my lack of blogging is time is so precious and there's always sooo much to do around here. Love you all so much. Talk soon Shirley

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