Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

summer's ending/Coco's 5th

Put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering; . . . but above all these things put on love. —Colossians 3:12,14

Chloe turned 5! So hard to believe, I was sitting in the hospital for four days waiting for her to make her entrance, come to find out her little hand was blocking her way, once God removed it, she finally came. My sweet blondie curly haired baby. 
We had a simple pizza, making, swim, princess party. If you know Chloe she lives for a good party, she plans hers all year round. 
We then packed up the truck and made our way to Carpinteria for a three day camping trip right on the beach. OHHH completely magical. We met our dear friends there. More like family actually then friends. 
 Hanna and her Chloe
 Hanna and John going to catch some surf
 Sage and Sadie bonding
 Bubba sucha stud
 Hanna and Sage     (All 5 amazing photo's courtesy of Lynda)
 Yes we were cramped but made some great memories
 Their own hang out spot

 These four are all like siblings their bond is strong.
 Fritz Slee was such a great puppy, so majestic
 Wow where did time go?? So thankful to God for bringing the Rueter family into our lives
 These two miss each other so much, but every time their together no time has pasted.
 famous candy shop
 Fritz listening to a Whale presentation He was very interested
 Time to say goodbye, not without some major tears though! So Sadie and Chloe got their way and stayed another couple days!
 Summer time has been good to us. We stayed close to home, mostly.
 Lots of cooking
 Love this shot, shows their personality's
 Hope you all are enjoying your last few days of summer, today I'm overhauling the house every cupboard is being cleaned and re-organized. Love you all, Shirley

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  1. very nice time...or shall I say Blessed:)