Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy mom

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD. Psalms 113:9

Well we've added to our family of 6!! Meet Fritz. Our 11 week old German Shepard 
Growing up we had Fritz (senior) thee best dog in the world. All of us just loved him, he was so loyal, protective (only when needed), loving. So it's always been in my heart to own a German Shepard one day! 
13 year old Sphene our Golden Retriever we got him when we lived in Santa Barbara, This was John and Sage's doggy, we moved multiple times with him, to smaller and smaller yards, he would travel to Bishop with us, and eventually he decided to stay! He loves open fields, and being free, the city life never suited him! So my sister Jenny officially adopted him. We still consider him our family dog. And cant wait till he meets his new brother Fritz
Summer is in full swing around here with lots of beach trips, swimming in the pool daily, bon fires, and just relaxing. Kinda feel like I never leave the kitchen, someone is always hungry around here! 

 At papa's and Grandmas
 While away our new counter tops finally arrived, I know I know I will eventually do a post on the house. We are just loving it.
 Baby Luke, we love you and miss you everyday were not near you!
Hope summers treating you well, and your not getting overwhelmed with the daily duties of motherhood! Best advice my momma gave me was that I have to "re-commit" every single morning to my children, and husband. It's true, because being a mom, I'm giving constantly, answering question, squashing arguments, giving advice, feeding, cleaning, driving, it's all for them. If I think of all that's required of me, I can start to feel defeated, but, it's so important to know that this is thee best job in the world, and seeing, healthy, happy, confident children makes it all worth it! Love you Shirley


  1. Oh I love your kitchen! Congrats on the new pup!

  2. Words to live by!! The most rewarding job to me is being a mom and a wife! It can be overwhelming sometimes, but, oh so worth it. Love your new dog.

    Enjoy the rest of summer