Our Family

Our Family

Friday, March 15, 2013

White Hutch/Linen Ottoman

I was in a design rut for months, well clearly not anymore.....
We may be re-doing a kitchen soon! So my brain is on overdrive I've always wanted a chicken wire, white hutch incorporated into my kitchen cabinet's. Waiting for the handles when I decide on the ones for the whole kitchen.
I found this on craigslist last week, offered $150, it was the perfect dimensions. 

 Thank God for my big bro, who helps me. We cut out the panels to make space for the chicken wire
 I really took my time painting the hutch, it took me three day's, I did three coats, then sprayed the whole thing with a matte polyurethane to protect it from nicks.
 I spray painted the chicken wire I bought from Home depot for $7.00 black. This took a few days as well, I had to make sure I got paint in all the nooks and crannies.
 All the hinges sprayed flat black as well
 After cutting out the panels I was left with gaping holes, so I patched then sanded
 This stuff is the best, super light and airy
 My little helper
Now about the ottoman

$40 craigslist, I stained the legs a darker ebony
 I bought a play board from home depot, always take your measurements and have them cut at store. Then for the expensive part, the foam, I buy mine at Joann's and use the 50% off coupon 
Three things you'll need a upholstery needle, upholstery buttons, and upholstery string
 I bought my linen from Joann's 
Oh yeah batting, it's super cheap buy enough to wrap around the foam

 Hope your inspired, I just love to see something that costs hundreds, and recreate for much less. So much more rewarding! Shirley

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