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Our Family

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tribal lumbar pillow

The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious. —Exodus 34:6

I couldn't pass up this cool tribal fabric, from the Pasadena Swap meet, I scored for $20
I originally was going to make two euro pillows from it. But then realized that I've been wanting a long lumbar pillow for my yellow couch. The depth is very deep, so if you sit on this couch it swallows you up! I decided to use my new fabric for the lumbar pillow. But dilemma... I didn't have a lumbar!! After looking online, I found it was way to pricey! Walking into the garage I remembered I had a stock pile of 24inch, down filled pillows. 

 Soo, I told Sadie quick go get momma a pair of scissors and two trash bags. I cut open the pillows and pulled out all the feathers, I now have feathers everywhere!! In my eye's, lungs, and nostrils!
 I sewed three cases together, dumped all the feathers into the bags
 Then restuffed, sewed the pillow cases together, and added a long zipper, I love the way it turned out:) This was the easiest, fastest, innovative pillow I've ever made
 Have to add my little Pilgrim to the blog post, she had a fun Thanksgiving party at school. Also I signed into the school as a guest, the receptionist said, "Are you Sadie's mom, you look just like her! Oh she lost a tooth today!"
Anytime Sadie can show her little sister off, she will! 

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