Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pasadena Swap Meet 2012

One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see. —John 9:25

Spontaneous meet up with our buds! It's no secret moving John and Sage away from their best friends was and is not easy! We decided to meet up in Pasadena with Lynda and the girls. Sage, Sadie, and Chloe were so excited to see their buddies. We of course got there late, after a "few" detours.... So here we are looking for Lynda, Hanna, and Grace

  We found the girls, but where is momma????
 Seeing these two together was worth the 1 1/2 drive there. I watched them hug, then look at each other, they both grabbed each others hair, then let out a sigh, it was very touching!
 BFF'S for life.

 I had my mental list for Bubba's room, my flag's, and frames, well God heard me, and answered! I got one American, vintage linen British flag. Then to top it off two amazing shadow frames, that were absolutely stunning!!!
 Not how I'm going to stage it, but cool huh?

 Chloe did great only one huge meltdown. She spotted a Dora Kitchen with all the bells and whistles! Hanna defusing the situation!

And of course Luke, getting a bath at aunties house, he took a face plant at the beach so sand was every where! Love this guy..

OK time to get my workout in, still not able to run on my ankle:( but I walk on a incline of 15, with 4lb. weights for 40 min. It's a great workout, I'm telling you one hour to myself, makes me a better, healthy, happier momma! You should try it! Blessing, Shirley


  1. All the pictures are beautiful. I love catching up with friends I haven't seen in awhile. The picture of Sage and her friend standing in the water is beautiful. I would frame that along with your little one siting in the fountain.

  2. Cool finds! Love the vintage flags.