Our Family

Our Family

Monday, October 1, 2012


Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way. —2 Thessalonians 3:16

Man it seems like I used to have more time in a day, to sit and write a blog almost daily, I'm lucky if I get three in a week! Life here has ramped upx1000, lots going on at any given time. As I mentioned John's car wreck kinda put a wrench in the flow of our life. a family of 6 relying on one vehicle is kinda tough. But then I must laugh at our blessed life here in America, and our little car issue is soo small! The case should be settled next week. 
Bubba had his home-coming game on Friday, the town put on a adorable parade, Rach and I took the girls, we had a lot of fun, notice the picture below Sadie and Chloe were waving feverishly at the home-coming queen, and princesses. So cute. 
 Then a little shopping, Sadie gets crazy in stores, we have to keep raining her in, she's a loose cannon, "Mom get this, ohhh this is pretty, where is my section?" LOL
 Coco loco is so silly, she's like a puppy following Sadie around, but anything her big sister grabs, all we hear is, "Sadie I was going to choose that!!!"
 Kinda cool, were starting to recognize more and more people. Chloe hung out with her bud from her pre-school, at bubbas game.
 Beauty Sage

 Soo as I mentioned Little John had his home-coming game Friday, the dance was on Saturday. He was hesitant to ask some-one to the dance, being new and all! But I of course kept encouraging him, to be brave, take risks. So after the game, he had ohh about 3 girls all wanting him to ask them! Kinda made it easier, on him! This is the lucky girl......

 He had a great time at the dance, Sunday we were so tired because we had to pick him up around 1 A.M, I tried to hang in there, but big daddy, sent me up to bed. So Sunday we missed church, but still wanted to honor God, and get our hearts right, we had a little church service in our living room! Then Sadie made sure we did a craft, so we all sat down and drew a picture of a Bible story, I was touched seeing us all at the table, coloring. Here is Sadie and my picture, yes I know I draw like a 3 year old!
 Sadie wrote a "song" on the back
 Of course daddy's was amazing!
 Buba's picture of the parting of the Red Sea
 Sadie singing her song
OK time to get dinner going, this A.M Rachel and I went on a killer bike ride, was suppose to be only 45 minutes, it turned into a 2 hour bike ride, all over who knows where. At least we got a great workout in! Love having Rachel here, it's like a built in best friend. Love ya all, Shirley

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  1. Oh my, your son looks soooo handsome, what a lucky girl!!!!! Praying things get settled quickly with the car accident!